the solar system is so HUMONGOUS BIG



What kind of Rpg do you make?

You forgot the type of RPG I make.

Awesome RPG: Games that are so awesome, you wish you could make something that awesome.

Awesome RPG should be a widely recognized and accepted genre.

Personally, i enjoy rpgs that offer a little action, whether its just light action like Super Mario RPG, or very action oriented like Kingdom Hearts.

EDIT: Stupid me, i just relized this topic is about game I make, not game I like... My game in collaboration with Sauce is mostly story driven. I think a good story can keep 'em coming back for more.

What kind of sidequests do you like see in RPGs?

I've always liked sidequests that offered some kind of mini-game to play, but there were mulitple instances to play (ie the Fortune's Market warehouse puzzles from Tales of Vesperia, as a fairly recent example).

Another neat idea is having the player look for a specific kind of item thoughout their journey in the game. Having a specific npc who tracks their progress helps give players incentive to keep looking for them (You found 8 crystals! There's still 37 more to find!)

And to follow up on BareGamer's point of rewards, I also believe the player should receive a good reward for completing a sidequest. The reward doesnt have to be game-breaking or earth-shattering, but you should be able to enjoy it, whether it is a unique item or skill or whatever. Having a good reward makes players feel proud to complete sidequests, no matter how boring or tedious they may be.

Battles Redone

Glad you guys like the animations.

Sauce and i are slowly becoming more confortable making the individual sprites/ frames. when making the animations, i try to keep track of the parts of the body that may move subtly like the hips and the shoulders when swinging, jumping, etc.

My goal is to create some wildly entertaining animations for some the later skills. i think our character variety will allow some interesting actions.

Neo Jado

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. As Sauce said earilier, we are working on a playable demo. Expect more updates for current and future developments.


Borton is one of the larger towns in the game. This screen shot is towards the end of the introduction sequence.
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