Ara Fell
A 16-bit era, Japanese-style roleplaying game set in a magical world floating above the clouds.



Remakes Galore!

Link's Awakening
Adventure Island
Parasite Eve
Metal Saga

Proxy Pattern

this looks cool

Heroes of Umbra on Steam Greenlight


I remember playing this.

AnotherOne! Again, thanks to @JosephSeraph. Remaking Chronology's visuals from the ground up to hopefully make it killer!

nice, clothes and hair fluidly animated

Screenshot Survival 20XX

cool, I like the tree village Kaempfer

eye-catching colors, Pancaek. nice details like the skeletons, mushrooms, and mossy bridge. To look more like a forest, might try increase contrast on the tree trunks to make them more visible. Could try a variation tile for sides with a branch sticking out with some leaves...

Toumo, the way the witch's cabin is irregular gives it nice rustic charm

slimeborgi, I think realistically low slot probabilities may not be very fun.
well, what if matching two gives a small consolation prize...

Free keys and some updates! [EVENT CLOSED]

I've been watching this. Congrats.

I'd like a key too


Screenshot Survival 20XX

I like the first screenshot best, since giving the walls and floors more contrast makes the area more lively.

The desks, much like the characters head, if the topside is brightened, would enhance the sense of lighting and form.

Larger potted plants would have more impact.

The creepy details of the woods are a great touch.

I like the whimsical battleback and cute enemies ^-^
I think the dark green of the snakes topside would make a more perfect curve if you extend it down at the edge 2 more pixels.

The background is my favorite part; the pattern is simple but fun.

Above & Below

cool looking cast of characters ^-^


nice art ^_^