The best idea for a game I have ever had.

This is the best story I have ever come up with in my entire life:

Well, it starts with bears attacking a convalescent home, but there turns out to be a demon in the basement who wakes up because of all the commotion and is really angry, so he gives the oldest man in the home super powers to go stop the bear stampede that is sweeping over the countryside, but the demon says he can't rest until all the bears are extinct, which makes the bears afraid so they start hibernating early and they hire cyborg bodyguards to try and stop the old man, but he's had worse before so it doesn't work and all the bears end up having to make a formal apology to the demon and they even decide to sound proof his basement tomb free of charge.

And then the second half of the game you play as a seahorse that blows magic bubbles whenever he drinks cheap wine, but he lives in a classy neighborhood and cheap wine is hard to come by, so he goes on a journey into a lower class neighborhood but his arch nemesis keeps improving peoples' living conditions wherever the sea horse tries to go so that he can't find the right kind of wine, so he ends up having to grow grapes to make his own wine, except it turns out that sea horses are actually really good at making wine so he just starts a profitable high class winery and gets rich, until one day a thousand years later he drinks some really bad wine again that accidentally had the wrong label and he remembers that he has magic bubble powers and gives up all his wealth right then and there and goes back to the ocean to tell all the other sea creature about how much better he is than them.

And then the last part of the game is where the sea horse and the old man meet each other when they are going to a really exciting tennis game but the old man crashes into the sea horse's Porsche and so the sea horse makes him chauffeur him around all day and even all night too, and then one day the car runs out of gas so the old man has to try to push the car with his elderly brute strength that only gets stronger with age and it works for awhile, but then the old man needs some help because he is trying to push the car up a really steep hill and so he wakes up the demon again, except this time he gets the three greatest chefs in the world to make the demon breakfast after they fight each other to the death so that there is actually only one chef who is tough as nails and makes really good omelets, so of course the demon isn't mad anymore after that and he helps the old man push the car and even changes a flat tire, until they make it all the way up the hill and it turns out it is a volcano because that is exactly what the old man had in mind so they push the car into the volcano but the sea horse jumps out the window just in time and they all have to run away while the volcano explodes except for the sea horse because he can survive in lava just like if it was water and that gives him the idea to turn the whole ocean into hot lava, so he makes a magic potion in an old wine bottle that will make it happen and he hurls it into the sea but it gets swatted out of the air by the old man and it flies up into the sky and hits a cloud and the cloud starts raining brimstone and shooting lightning that is half lightning and half lava, and the sea horse realizes he made a big mistake and the old man forgives him, but the demon goes and lives on the cloud because he thinks its cool and everyone is happy in the end.

You are impressed, yes?


Recruiting help on your project

In my opinion, if you are going to recruit people to help you with your game, you are going to need a very solid demo to generate interest. But I am curious, even if you have a demo, do people really jump on-board? Has anyone here ever successfully recruited game making help from other people they didn't already know?


Wanting to make your game difficult.

I see lots of people around here posting how they want to make their games hard. I'm not convinced it is such a good idea.
In general, people are not going to be as enthralled with your game as you are. So if you make your game tough because you want it to really feel epic and challenging, people aren't necessarily going to want to take that challenge. I think difficulty should vary within a game as the story and location changes. And if possible, a game should offer content to satisfy those who want a normal game and those who want a hard game, probably in the form of optional content.

What do other people think about hard games? Try to think of hard games you have played that are not your own!


Time to Introduce myself

Hi guys,

I never know what to say for introductions. Its always an awkward experience, so instead I've jumped in and started replying to other newbies' introductions ;) But I figured I should post my own too. Anyway, I'm sure I'll get along here fine (I hope so at least!). It seems pretty active for an RM site. I'm looking forward to meeting some cool folks.

I've been working on a game for a couple of years now, but I'll talk about that later. I have a roomate who I talk to about my game too much, so hopefully I won't ramble on too much about it here. IRL I go to college and raise my little boy. I like life, and I like writing dialog and stories, especially for games, although it takes a lot of time.

I hope to have fun here, and I think I've already picked up on some useful advice to "post lots!" just from reading other introductions!

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