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Circuit Review

Thanks for the review, Liberty!! We're excited to expand on the demo and add a lot of new gameplay ideas that people will (hopefully!) enjoy~


This game looks good! I think I will give it a shot! Anyways, do you have a speculation for the update? If it is not that long, maybe I can wait to try that version later. I don't like to replay the game that much unless there is enough differences. I might interested in translating it to Thai, too! Thank you!

Hi there! I imagine that the update will be happening in January at the earliest, but we aren't rushing it.


Good morning, afternoon or evening! I'm a novice translator of English-Spanish. ^^
Good characters, a captivating start and great development!!
Beautiful game and good job!
Hence i want to ask if.... Can you allow me to make a translation of this rpg? I would be so happy to share this game. ^^

Hello! Yes, you're allowed to translate Paletta if you want to~

This game was super cute! I absolutely loved all the art in it, and even felt a little sad for some of the characters. really well done! The menu is cool and I'm super interested in how you got the switching powers to work. it's super interesting.

Hi there! Thank you for your kind words<3 The power switching was just multiple common events and switches being used! Activating spell 1 turns switch 1 on, activating spell 2 turns switch 1 off and switch 2 on, etc.

How lovely game <3
Very cute tho <3

Thank youuu<3

The game is nice and cute! But it became seriously darker as I went forward, at some point I was sure I was heading to a bad ending.

There's only one ending right, because despite what I did, the ending I got can be called happy.

Anyway, this was a good experience, the art is good, the story and the music too, and the gameplay had some nice tricks. Also...

I'm weak for stories with a not-really-evil child villain (or "villain", this time it barely was one)

Thank you so much!

Oooo! Those are some awesome graphics, right there! I'll hafta make some time to play this!
Congrats on the entry - it looks awesome!

Hehe, thank you!<3

So, are there multiple endings, or is there just one ending? Can you tell me what happened in the ending if there is only one, JEStaff?

Only one ending currently!

Is there any secret for collecting all 99 flowers?

Nope, not in the current version!


Is there any reason to collect the flowers?

Sadly at the moment you can't get anything extra out of them :( we might add some kind of easter egg for them in the future!

I love the aesthetics <3 <3 <3 The pixel art is very nice and the watercolor art looks seriously pretty aswell. Can't wait to play it :D

Thank youu!!! ToT

I already thought this game looked so cute from the screenshots, and now that i'm playing it i can't help falling in love with it. This game is melting my heart. So good

Gosh aw thank you so much! You're too kind<3
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