extreme disappointment
Save the day



State of Affairs! Arf!

looking forward to techno pup

Afterword - Part I

I'm proud of you and what you accomplished.
thanks dad

Afterword - Part I

from cope to hope - a zds story
keep at it!


this island isn't real


good game, good game

No I am not going to finish that game on time, Yes I am taking this game seriously

can you go to hell

I lied.

is this some QAnon shit

Character Introductions: Durant (Plus Music and Battle UI Progress!)

durant needs to hit the gym, beef up those noodle arms

Renaming the game

a lonely coven at a night of divination

out the door

However, I do not intend to update the game on RMN anymore. It's simply changed too much for my liking. And I wasn't talking about my own games getting attention. It's the complete lack of attention that other projects get that makes my blood boil, while the circle-jerkers stuff keep rising to the top ( hint: two of them have already posted in this thread ).
This is neither here nor there and it's probably too late but what are you doing to change this? If you feel there's an issue with attention and feedback for deserving games or developers then there's really only one way to fix the problem and it's not by shouting about "circlejerks" and running away with your ball. If you see a project that you feel isn't getting enough attention then give it some fucking attention already, it's that easy.

I just had a look through 20 or so pages of your post history and I could count on my hands the number of times you commented on a game other than your own. If there is a problem with lack of attention then you're part of it.
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