Legacies of Dondorion - defense of Favorian

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Fafhred: There is time to do everything. Yes, it is difficult and you have to be fast. You don't have to do everything though.

You cannot go back to the favorian battle maps later. Sorry!
Well, I tried enough times, so I have to disagree: it is NOT possible.
Just the interface itself eats about 10 to 15 seconds at the end of each battle, displaying the battle report, and you cannot accelerate it.

So I will just do without those 2 tomes...

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Ha ha! Ir probably SHOULD have it's own sub-forum!

Man...I wonder what having so many fans of your game feels like? And what it's like gettin' asked so many questions about your game!? People are interested! -dies-

I have one fan (I think) and that makes me happy! What does more than that feel like? :D

Ku fu fu fu.

Ephiam, I tried to download your game, but it is on FileFront.
FileFront USED to work for me, but they changed something about a year ago, and now no download at all is possible from them, for me.
I was told on another forum that it is an issue shared by other FireFox users.
And IE is not an option, I banned this piece of crap years ago, NOT going to use it.

Unlisted games

Just got an answer, he will look up this site when he got time (not just now).

Legacies of Dondorion - defense of Favorian

Ask Harmonic :D

But maybe yes, long games always tend to attract more questions than short ones.

Unlisted games

just going to email them a link to this thread, hopefully that should to the trick ;-)

Legacies of Dondorion - defense of Favorian

I have a question about this.

When you defend Favorian, the first battle is after you selected your 4 answers.
On the way to the cannons, there is a tower.
This tower has a boss at the top, and contains several chests, with a total of 2 Tomes.

The problem:
IF you do this tower, there is just not enough time left to disable the cannons in the 6 minutes available.
And once you disable the last cannon, you cannot go back to the tower.

The question:
Will it be possible later to come back to this area to do the tower (maybe after the battles are ended), or was the tower simply a red herring ?

Unlisted games

That means that the creator need to know about RMN in the first place...

Some fun RMN numbers to chew on.

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It is kind of like the Loch Ness Monster or the Sasquatch.

Actually I think that the Loch Ness monster is really the last surviving Dragon, in hiding to escape the fate of the others ::)

Unlisted games

I do know some VERY good RPG Maker games which are not listed here.
Can anybody link them, or just the author?

One example is 'Last Scenario' mentioned at http://indygamer.blogspot.com/2007/05/last-scenario.html and http://best-rpg.blogspot.com/2008/03/last-scenario.html
It does not seem to have a homepage, and there are 2 different versions available for downloads from various websites, 1.21 being the current one afaik.
This game is really a must play, it is one of the best RPG Maker games I ever found, so far... and yes, please do take this as a challenge to make a better one ;D

There is an email address in the manual.doc file coming with in the download, if the admins here want to invite the authors to join

Well, there I am

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Btw, I am curious: why does the icon on the left look so much like Mensa's logo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mensa_International) ?

The entire RMN Community. Pwned.

Welcome dude. Exactly what MMORPG's did you
happen to play?

I started with MUDs, then the very first MMORPGs (most gone today) until today... that's a very long list and I honestly could not be bothered to keep a list.
I also do a LOT of alpha and beta testing.
MMORPGs I played recently include Corum Online, Shaiya, Wonderland Online, to name just a few.

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Welcome to RMN! Post lots!

Do you still play pen & paper? Shadowtext is running a forum D&D game in general if you are interested.
No, not any more. Last time I played pen and paper was about 15 years ago.

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Welcome to the forums, I haven't played many MMOs as of recent, but I am currently developing one with a team. Hopefully when it comes out your GM powers can protect it from the threats of MMOs.
Well, I am always good for any testing, be it an MMORPG or a single player game, if anyone need such help.

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Welcome to RMN, old person!
Well, 50 last November, I do not consider myself old yet ;D

Done, Gone, Finito

About 20 years ago, I lost the source code of a professional application (about a year and half full time work) to a hard drive crash.
I did have a backup. Or so I thought... until I tried to restore it on a new drive, to find out that the backup itself was corrupted. and effectively useless (too much code irretrievable).

At which point I gave up this product altogether, so I REALLY can feel what you feel.
But that's not the end, turn the page and do something new.
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