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6) Good to know, I was stuck at 13 as well, sure I did everything right, so I was looking for a walkthrough to find my mistake ;-)

Legacies of Dondoran

Various searches strings for RPG Maker 2003 RTP came only back with legitimate but dead links, a 'warez' site which listed SEVERAL versions of the 2003 RTP, all with different actual sizes (trojans guarantied for the unsuspicious) or back to the crankeye page.
Eventually I downloaded and installed it, but that is the full version, not the RTP, so I will not keep it although it works with it.
So basically, I cannot find a legitimate copy of the 2003 RTP on its own...

Legacies of Dondoran

I am looking at that at the moment.
I did a search and found the page http://crankeye.com/?page=downloads, but it does not have a run time listed for this version.
It does have a runtime library listed for RPG maker 2000, while I played many of those before, and never had to download it. Which means the runtime part was provided with the game install itself.
I am also pretty sure that I have played games on other RPG maker versions before, and again the files must have been provided with the install, since the question never came across.

Alter A.I.L.A.

The download link does not seem to work, I have a permanent error message on it.

Destiny's Blades

Well, 1 review and several players complain of excessive crashes, so I went to check the homepage at http://destinysblades.spectremovies.com/index.html

As it says there, 'The game, however, is not getting any work on it, as of right now. Some work past chapter 3 has been done, but nothing significant. Right now I'm (Supa) working on another game, as well as playing games myself'.
So basically it is still a work in progress (on hold), not a finished game, which does account for bugs.

I just subscribe to it, and will check it out again in a few months...

Starless Umbra

I went to check its homepage, this game is not available for download yet, unless you want to beta-test it.
And to be 'allowed' to beta test, there is this ludicrous requirement:
Important! In order to download the beta, you need to be logged in and have at least 30 points. Remember, it's +1 point for a reply and +5 points for a topic.

That is posting on that game's own forum.
Well, I have better things to do than posting on a forum just to be allowed to beta-test... so I move on to next game.

Legacies of Dondoran

Technical problem: I just downloaded the file from this website, unpacked it, then when I try to execute the application I get an error message box: 'The RPG Maker 2003 runtime is not present or not registered'.
I have played various RPG maker games throughout the years, never had this error before.
Since I do not know exactly which file it want, I cannot just copy from another game. And it would have to be the same version.
Any clue which file is missing ?

Well, there I am

* shaken but not stirred *

Well there is enough crapware in the computer industry already (I have seen some commercial softwares that I rate substandard to some low-standard freeware), I do not need the one from TV broadcasting as well ;-)

Even so, TV companies are slowly starting to get wise to the fact that I may not be the only one out with this opinion... why do you think they want to put TV itself on the internet, now?

Btw, I am curious: why does the icon on the left look so much like Mensa's logo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mensa_International) ?

Well, there I am

Hi everyone.

Well, I have been playing RPGs since pen and paper BEFORE the first personal computers, and I am still at it (but mostly on computers, now), so I must like them ;-)
Some of you may have seen my name through various MMORPGs, I was even Guardian (GM) on one for a while.

Other than that, read a lot, mostly SF and fantasy.
I also watch movies (DVDs) on same topics.
No TV, I ruled that item out several years ago: all I need is news and movies, I got all of this on my computer, no TV license required ;-)
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