Yay! Let's go RMVXing!
Anyone got a complete SMBX game they want Let's Play for?
PM me if you want your VX/XP/SMBX game reviewed.



Community RPG

That's a good idea.
I suppose there should be separate themes to each of the chain games.

Community RPG

I could extend the time limit if you want.
Or negate it. Which I've just done.

And towns can be as simple as an inn and a potion shop.
Half a chapter can be just a field to grind, an inn, and a boulder puzzle.

I added you to the rota in the balancing period.

Community RPG

What I'm pulling from the theme is that fighting and such really isn't a prime mechanic in this, right?
It is, but there will be battles. It'll be more of a problem solving game than a killing everything that moves game.

I was also thinking that the 'sword of plot advancement' will be the 'pen of plot advancement'.

But since it's a very open game, it could be pulled in any direction.

Community RPG

So, you're basically saying that this will be developed like some kind of chain-game? Am I reading this right at all?


Community RPG

So I had an idea.

Community RPG
The pen is mightier than the sword

We are going to make an RPG. Each person will play through the game, and add a map (or set of maps) with events, enemies, and towns.

The theme is 'The pen is mightier than the sword'

-You can only have two slots at most.
-Use RPGXP due to the variety of tools for mapping (ie. terrain tags).
-You may not add scripts, as it may conflict with past/future edits.
-You may use custom graphics/music, but do not overwrite any and/or delete any. They may not be from anywhere without the creator's consent.
-The plot must not conflict with earlier plot.
-Do not delete the file from your locker. This is so we can backtrack in worst case scenarios.
-Keep to the theme.
-Do not balance the already made part! That will be done later!
-A chapter has 2 or 3 towns and 1 boss- the boss is at the end of the chapter. You can have a miniboss in an area.

What to do in your slot(s)
1. When PMed with a link to the file, get the file and open it.
2. It will extract.
3. Open the editing file inside.
4. Do whatever as long as it complies with the above rules.
5. When you are finished, click on file, compress game data, and uncheck the 'Create encrypted archive' box if checked. Take note of where the file is.
6. Upload the file to your locker.
7. Post here stating you have finished.
8. PM the next person on the rota with a link to the file.


Intro and 1st half of chapter one- Untaken
2nd half of chapter one- Untaken
1st half of chapter two- Untaken
2nd half of chapter two- Untaken
1st half of chapter three- Flying_pancake
2nd half of chapter three- Untaken
1st half of chapter four- Untaken
2nd half of chapter four- Untaken
Chapter five (A fairly short chapter) and ending- Untaken
Balancing period- LockeZ, untaken, untaken
Cleanup period (Grammar, spelling, trash data)- Flying_pancake, untaken, untaken

Boss Battle Design Contest - Knowledge is Power

I just finished now.

Boss Battle Design Contest - Knowledge is Power

Is it too late to join?
I have an idea running through my head. I could probably finish by thursday.
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