Status: Currently working on an RPGMaker game since April 2015. Currently learning GameMaker as well.

Gamer, Wrestling fan, green belt and rookie game developer.

I have 2 great stories I have been working on for years, so I hope to one day make a game about them meanwhile I have created a world with it's lore, history, etc. for these 2 stories, so I hope to base my games around this world and improve over time until im ready to create my 2 stories.

A little about me. I love Fantasy RPG's like Dragon Quest. My favorite game of all time is Fallout 3, second favorite is Mass Effect 2 and third is Kingdom hearts 2.
I have been gaming since I was 4-5. Im from Puerto Rico, im 19 and I was tempted to say "Yes" when I was asked if I was a bot just to see what would happen... :/
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