Blue Marble


I just finished this game.

It's 04:15 in the morning and I am crying my eyes out.

Good god I was NOT expecting THAT to be the ending oh my god no why couldn't you have just let these boys be happy together why couldn't everything have just been okay

More seriously though... This game was great. Drove me to literal actual tears and I have never ever had a game do that before. It reminded me a lot of OFF, in a way - in that you're on a mission but you don't really know why or what you're trying to accomplish, as well as the atmosphere. I loved the character design and the overall aesthetic of the whole game. A+ job on character development, by the by. Just... overall a really good job. I did get stuck sometimes when I had to look for, like, basically a different-colored patch of tile, but I pulled through and never got stuck to the point where my enjoyment of the game stopped.

My heart absolutely dropped every time somebody left the group even for a second. I was so worried for all of them. (spoiler > )
Honestly with all the emphasis on the color blue, plus the literal built-in killswitch of his, I was pretty sure Barnaby was going to end up as the Earth and I was going to have to make Pop kill him and I was NOT okay with that. Needless to say I was completely thrown by the actual ending. I thought at least if Barnaby was the Earth then they could have all started over and everything could have been the way Leader wanted it to be.

why couldn't you have just let Pop and Barnaby be dumb and awkward together in a safe and happy world why why why and Leader just nO why

now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go draw them being happy and safe together like they deserve

I loved this game. But seriously to hell with it my poor heart


Hi there! I stumbled across this game completely by accident, and I haven't finished playing it yet - but I really, really like it! I made an account here just do let you know that. :D

Edit: I've finished it now. Awwh that was awesome. So sweet but so sad. I loved the little messages in the dream world. I also really like Mat and Lili. What great parents :D
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