Working my way to conquer the world from good guys, heroes and shit.


Viddy well, little brother, viddy well...

Big 'hello' to everybody, I'm not your grandma by the way :)

Who am I? No, not spiderman, I'm just an ordinary average guy who speaks a little bit of english, listens to good and old fashioned music and is full of ideas ready to be converted into RPG Maker Games.

About my game career... i've never finished a game, but I've started plenty of them (who hasn't). I'm a big fan of comedies myself, and I can say my favorite areas in RPG Maker are the Artist Designer and the Writter. I love music too, but no way I have what it takes to be a musician.

About my favorite games... that is an easy question. Skyrim takes all the prizes and more than 400+ hours of my life. Yeah, what the fuck right? The game is pure awesomeness. I also enjoy RPG Maker games, of course. My favorite ones are: the brazilian trilogy "RYGAR", created by JPA; "Epic Elf" created by a member of this website, Spirit_Young, it's one hell of a game, and the battles are very hard, but it's extremely funny and I love the possibility of playing a anti-hero instead of a good guy greg.

About my current projects...

I'm writing what it seems to be a book and it's about a group of mercenaries, prisioners and others folks who entered in a survival reality show, where they must kill all these zombies. However, the infection breaks loose and what started as a simple television... will end up being a menace to all human kind. My objective is to enter deeper in every persona of the group and explore their history, motifs and the way they see the world and all these effect of TV Globalization.

And about RPG Maker, I'm going to work in a small project called "UNHOLY SWORD" wich tells the story of Balbino, a half-blood orc (half human half orc) hired to be the villain of the next generation RPG game. Your objective is to play with these bad ass Half-Orc and to kill the good guy. Oh, and of course, to sit on the evil throne and to conquer the world with blood and shadows. This is a project I'll be working on in the future months and I hope it can be a relief to everybody who is sick of playing in the light side of the force. :)

Damn, this post is becoming boring. I'm sorry, I got a little excited with my presentation. Obviously I can't tell you everything I would like about me. Also, that would be sell_fish.

So, here I am, reporting for duty. I hope I can do my games and make friends here in

Thank you for your time. Truly.
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