What's going on?

hey, guys. some may remember me. i haven't gone inactive or anything, just waiting on some games to finish. I am not trying to sound like a jerk, but it's been bothering me. What's going on with your games. All the games released here now have a goofy story like teletubbies taking over the world and only ricky the shoe can save his pie. Knows what i mean? I haven't saw anything even interesting get completed/released all last year.


I now finally have rpgmaker VX, I can start my own video game saga.

Star Ocean

I used an emulator and translated this game from Japanese to English for the SNES just to play it and it was really worth it. One of the best games for SNES. Now so many years later, they FINALLY make another. I can't wait to play it! Anyone else anticipating it's release? By the way, I am still active, just nothing interesting has happened.

I need HELP!

Most of the games I download here simply will not work and it is very frustrating. I looked at the 2003 RTP thread and It says it's illegal. I currently have Common RTP 1.0, RGSS_RTP standard, and RTP for RM2K (Png, Wav, Midi, Fonts) installed on my computer. I google searched RPGMaker 2003 RTP and I found the program to make the games. I don't think that is what it is right? Anyway, I installed the RGSS_RTP standard from it. Can anyone provide any help on this? I am very interested in this game community, but I can't do much when I am unable to participate in the games here. I asked alot of people on here and they all say I need 2003 RTP. But yet, you guys also say it's illegal. To be blunt, I don't care if it's illegal or not, I just want to play some AWESOME games. I don't understand why most of the games here require 2003 RTP to run properly, but it's illegal. Nevertheless, I find this website very helpful and entertaining. For a long time, I have searched for a RPG site like this and I have finally found it. Also, if I list you the problems, maybe that can also help. When I open up a game, it then closes out and says that various files could not be opened. It appears noone can message me for some reason I don't know so you gonna have to put your response either here or email me at flashdragon56@hotmail.com. If you email me, then please post here that you have because I rarely check my email.

What's Awesome?

Hello, I am JayAMurphy. I wish to one day become a great video game designer. So soon, I may get the RMK and start my own legacy, but until then, I am going to play as many games I can and research on how I should make my own games. Here, I ask if you can post some games that you have played and thought it was pretty good. In return for this service, I will (if asked) do reviews, walkthroughs, and (if need be) I will test the game for bugs. Also, I ask please only post traditional RPGs and strategys . I'm am not a huge fan of puzzles and sidescrollers.

Can someone help me on Three the Hard Way?

I am stuck. I'm at Duke Salem's castle and I have to get an audience with him, but the guards say I have to wait for 4 days. I don't know what to do now. Please help me out.
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