I'm an avid RPG player. I don't program games (not my forte) but could help write plot, stories, and characterization with someone else. If you want ideas on how to improve your games, give me a shout.




This is the room that if you go to the wall right next to the book and click, you end up in the 3rd floor in my version. BTW I can't get anywhere else... I'm stuck.


Looks very Escher- esque


Thank you very much!! I didn't know you couldn't move things in running mode.


I can't seem to get through the catacombs. If i could split up the party, maybe I could, but the stupid objects seem to block my path everywhere I go, and the room with all the object in it, none of them move... (maybe it's just a glitch in my system but i hope not, I really want to continue playing the game. Do I have to defeat the dragon in the mountains before I do so?


What part of the game is this? After the catacombs?


Question is this... when you get 4 players, how easy is it to set commands for all 4 to have them attacking different monsters at the same time? Also since the controls are X+ direction how easy are the commands to remember?
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