The name's KJM98. I am currently a rookie in RMXP so I don't know much about making games. But that's alright, since I would just rely on tutorials in this site. I am currently undergoing my pre-production game known as Wars of The Past: Western Europe. The game is a bit historical as it will be set on 17th century Western Europe. I will tell you the rest of the game as soon as I get a demo for you guys. I would also like to associate myself with all the members of rpgmaker.net so that I can make them co-operate(i.e: Help me make my games so that I can be a bit famous and also include them in the credits). I would like writers, scripters, mappers(though I'm a bit good in mapping), spriters and icon makers. I am a master eventer and also an information gatherer. I am also a bit of a weapons expert.