Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Neok, I love this game a little more than I probably should.
In all seriousness though, you've made leaps and bounds of improvement on this since the original was released. The voids that were the personalities of each character are no longer there, and each one comes out fresh (though Dread is still the scary mofo he always was). I'm on Phase 6, and I'm eagerly awaiting Gray to show up (and for your usual epic choice of endgame music.) Only thing I'm gonna ask is a list of where the floaty guys are and for which location they are for which character (IE: Gray in the factory, Erin in the Abandoned City, etc.) Other than that, I just have to say, I have to agree with what others said before: This is the best goddamn RM2k3 game there is. Kudos sir, expect to hear from me again once I get to the post-game content!

Trailer hypehypehypehypehypehypehype

FULL PARTY?! You're letting us use EVERY CHARACTER by endgame?! Neok, I love you. So fucking psyched for this.

Visions & Voices

So far I've only gotten the Telia ending, though in truth I only plan to go for the Elena ending in addition, and MAYBE the Solo ending, just because I'm interested in seeing how absurd the Wanderers' stats will be with the boosts in place (though honestly, I dun think I'm heartless enough to go for it, the thought of Ox dying is quite depressing.)
Last question: Did you intend to make Marlowe as aggravatingly enigmatic as he ended up from the beginning of the project, or did he just turn out that way?

Visions & Voices

Right, so I finally got around to finishing this, and I have to say, the acclaim is well-deserved. Despite the fact that the game isn't as dialogue/narrative intensive as some of the other good RPG Maker games out there, the characters are each well-defined and interesting, and the overall plot for the story is equally understandable. Moreover, I was very impressed with the balance of the gameplay (meaning that, unlike a lot of other games, no character was really better than the other, it all depended on the way that the player went through the game). So yeah, awesome game. Though, I did have a question regarding the endings. I know that out of the five possible endings, one is the Telia ending and one is the Elena endings, and another is probably the bad ending if the player doesn't get the Telgium by day ten. Might I ask what the other two endings are (though one of them may just be the solo ending.)


Ah Kavax, debatably the single most difficult plunge in the game, and one of the most intriguing minor characters in Episode 6, if one takes Sorya's comments and his own before your re-match with him into account.


Is there a game that includes the events spoken about in the prologue, or is that just for background info?

Chrono Alter

Found a game breaking bug: In 2300 AD, after both switches are pulled, you can't enter the boss door.


And the person who it should be doesn't look the way they should either. Revamps ftw.

Final Fantasy Dreams

I've been experiencing the same problem as Minato, mind helping us out?


So the legend responds, it seems the great Lysander lives after all.