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So I bought a...

...Mac Pro, and just received it yesterday. These aren't the cheaper iMacs, by the way, these are the monstrous 8-core workstations that most professional graphics studios use. It came to about $3,000 including rebates, but not including extra expenses I'll be making, specifically with ram (it can theoretically hold up to 32gb?) and monitor (dual-screen!).

Anyway, this made me curious as to what expensive things some of you folks have bought lately? Can be anything from cars to new computer hardware. I need to feel better about being down $3,000(+) bucks.

Philly Character Sketches

As a side note, if you are afraid of anatomical figures with no distinguishable genitalia, I suggest clicking the back button.

These are rough character sketches for Philadelphia, my game. In the following weeks I plan on blowing these up and fixing em up with color and everything. But we'll see.

You'll notice almost all of them are female. I have no excuse. Sue me!

Comments and criticism are helpful. Thanks for looking!

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Help and Request Forum Rules

When asking for help related to software (RPG Maker, Photoshop or otherwise):

1) Firstly, make sure to GIVE US THE NAME of the software. 'RPG Maker' is not specific enough, as that consists of about a dozen pieces of software. Without knowing this, we cannot help you, so by following this step you'll get help much faster.

2) Give us a description of what you're trying to do, and list the ways you've tried to get it working/fix it. You'll solve the problem faster. If you haven't tried fixing it on your own, I suggest doing that first so when you post here you don't look like an idiot when the solution is incredibly obvious.

3) In the case of event editing, code, or whatever, providing a screenshot or a copy+paste of that code will be helpful in getting a quicker resolution to your problem.

When requesting for someone's help:

1) Be specific in your request, and give examples where relevant. If it's a request for a resource, give a brief description of what you're looking for and be patient. Do not rape the topic by bumping it incessantly.

2) If you're hiring for a project, you'll need to be much more thorough. Give examples of your previous work, a link to images/information on the game, and tell us why we should care. Remember, you're trying to sell the project to people - they won't help you if they are uninterested. Also specify incentives/payment for helping with the project, if you are willing to give any. I have noticed a problem with these sorts of topics - IF YOU DO NOT CONFORM TO THESE RULES, YOUR TOPIC WILL BE LOCKED.

When asking for help OR making requests:

1) Be courteous and type so people can understand you. If you don't do this your topic will likely be locked. This forum is not an online bathroom stall.

2) Be patient. People will respond on their own time, and making yourself look like an ass by bumping your topic will make people less likely to help out now and in the future.

3) Keep the number of questions/requests per topic reasonable. Do not post further/unrelated questions/requests deep into a topic. Also, do not turn a help thread into a request thread, or vice-versa. Making a topic confusing when it doesn't need to be is a waste of everyone's time.

4) Thank the person(s) who helped you out, either by posting in the forum, PM/IMing them, or emailing them. I'm not asking for great netiquette here, but I've noticed a disturbing lack of 'thank yous' in this forum. Do this and people will like you more.

5) Do not ask for OR post any links to ANY kind of illegal software (warez). This includes RPG Maker 2000 and 2003. More then one offense will equal a ban.

Final Note:

If it's obvious you have not read this and repeatedly offend the rules, you will inevitably be banned for being a dingus. And, most likely, no one will miss you.

Propaganda Poster

Something silly I did for a class project. Just me goofing around.

OC Session [Sorta SFW - Updated April 12, Samus]

So Ling's tablet driver died and he didn't get to finish anything. I doodled this out and slapped some colors on it in the mean time.

Legs fixed.