Grandma's House

I've tried to launch the game multiple times, but I keep getting the same error:

Script 'Resource Tester' line 0: Errno:: EACCES occurred.
Permission denied- C:\windows\Fonts\WinterthurCondensed.TTF

I've also tried reinstalling RPG Maker XP and rebooting my laptop, but nothing seems to help. I'll try deleting and downloading again, but I'm not sure it will change anything.

White Walls- Beta

Ok, I really don't intend for this to be a completely negative review. But here goes.

When I first looked at this, I thought it might be an interesting story, something a bit different from the norm. However, I was rather disappointed in the gameplay. The idea of finding different body parts is not exactly new to the horror game genre, as seen in the game Misao. But while Misao has a storyline and a reason for finding the body parts, White Walls did not. The fact that you had to tell us what to do in the description speaks volumes about the lack of any discernible reasoning within the game.

I cannot tell you how much the sound needs to be altered. I thought I had blown my headphones when the static started up, and the music throughout adds nothing to the atmosphere. The loop is off, and the music starts and stops randomly, which disrupts the flow of the game.

The landscape and layout are, in a word, bland. I understand that the game is called White Walls, but there is really nothing around. If you wanted to go for a minimalist look, don't put the trees (or whatever they are) in. They have no point, and just keep you from getting around easily.

I quit this pretty early on, as I simply had no idea what to do. In the future, try to make the objective clear, or reasonably clear, at the beginning.

I think this game has a LOT of potential, but there are some definite problems in this beta. If this were to be an end product, I'd give it maybe 1/5.

Siris' Inferno

I've been waiting for something like this to come along :) I think it's a really interesting concept. From the gameplay, I noticed one or two things that I think could be improved. I hate it when intros are too long, but I feel like yours wasn't quite long enough. It didn't give any sort of reason why Siris was entering the gates of Hell, nor did it introduce Rehidiel. It was a bit confusing, and I think players would benefit from more information about the story, rather than the backstory of the orb. I also had a bit of an issue when talking to other characters, some information would definitely have been lost had I not continued to try to talk to some characters, most notably the soul in the forest in limbo. He repeated himself many many times before giving me new information, though I hadn't made any progress that could have unlocked the new information. Other than those couple of things, I think the game's looking really awesome, and I'm excited to see a full game
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