RPGMaker VX Ace -- what's new and different and better (and worse?)

Hi everybody! I'm back, and I'm now the proud owner of RPGMaker VX Ace and have the game-making bug again. So... what sort of things does a former user of 2K and 2K3 and (to a lesser extent) XP need to know about VX Ace in order to find success? Tooling around in the editor it seems much the same, but are there any major pitfalls or version-specific deficiencies of which to be aware?

I'm excited. ^_^


A hiatus ending~!

Hi everybody! It's been a really long time, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the years and years of games-making history that I've missed. So what's happened since 2007, the last time I really poked my head in here? What are the big games and the big engines and the big events? Who's still around from the old days? Bopping around the site briefly has made me realize I miss it. :D

So what should I play first???

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