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Hide, Hart
Can you escape the clutches of a murderer?



The Ones Left Waiting: Tape 1

BEAT THE GAME! :D The last puzzle was nice and clever, I liked it. I've died once, then I beat it when a realise how to make it work. Great job. Need some polish here and there, but i love to playing it.

Thank you so much for playing my dude :D!!! Big preeshhh

Hide, Hart

I've been considering a prequel ;) so we shall see !! :D

I've finally got the 4 endings! Nice story and pretty drawings :3 I'd like to play another game with this atmosphere (if you want to make a new project) like... a prequel? ;DD

Bubble Review

Thanks for the review! I made this game in 3 days for a final project for a dystopian literature class, so this was kind of a hasty project. I really appreciate the review! I'm glad for the constructive criticism as reference for the future :). If you haven't already, check out "Hide, Hart" my other game. That is my first real game that wasn't a hasty school project. I mean, there's some flaws in it as a first game of course, but it's worth checking out if you're looking for a more developed story and overall game. Thanks again, Liberty !!!(^-^)


Thanks! I just saw this :)


Thanks suzy_cheesedreams (^-^)

Hide, Hart

Yah MLamii2, It's my first game, so I wanted to start small. :) Only about an hour ish, I know. but thank you for playing :D


The art style is awesome! Wow! :) it's so clean and well done!

Hide, Hart

Hey ! I just fixed it again lol So sorry guys!! I tried to make the file smaller and easier to download, but I excluded an important file by mistake :P so it should work now.

The Divination Coven

I'm excited to play this! the art style looks aweesommmeee :D

Hide, Hart

Thank you for letting me know! I just uploaded a version that should be all fixed. :)
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