Need opinions on side project (Visual Novel)

I'm actually using Stock sprites and tiles. But without Facesets. As the Facesets in dialogue from the stock sprites give it a very stocky feel that i dont like.

Its mostly a one man operation myself working on this visual novel (a side project so i dont burn out working), and since im no illustrator, i can only do what i can and that is stocks. BUT, i will hire an artist for key scenes, mostly parallax background illustrations to tell the story scene, adequately.

I'm also thinking of using variables stats like Mental Health, Hunger, Infamy, and Love. To make it feel like a game without combat. What do you folk think of that idea? Or should i stick to just telling the story.

Need opinions on side project (Visual Novel)

Well, i have probed the market for visual novels, and the genre is all about girls, romance, and love, and ANIME! And they come from Japan.

But im not marketing to japanese users but a western and european market, so i think maybe having the non-anime characters would work, but idk i'd like some opinions.

As for story, its an Epic Love Story, and romantic tragedy. the story fits the genre, as far as what types of stories sell in the VN niche.

But i think i will hire an artist to work on certain key graphics that i dont have yet.

Need opinions on side project (Visual Novel)

Hi, im thinking on working on a little side project to my main game. A visual novel, where choices matter and branch off into multiple possibilities. A choose your own adventure with deep story progression. No combat. Although there will be puzzles, Timed events, and use of key items.

Here's the logline.

"I DROVE ALL NIGHT", is an indie Adventure, about two Lovers and their long distance relationship. Augustus is a member of a notorious gang, while Ophelia is part of High Society. Can the two from two different worlds keep their love alive?

The problem is graphics, i have two choices a more realistic non-anime approach, but limited character sprites (like i wouldnt be able to use many characters to tell the story) or i can use RM MV Generator and create my own characters, and have unlimited characters. Im no pixel artist so i wouldnt be able to create my own without generator.

Would people pay to play a visual novel using chubby RM sprites? IF the story was phenomenal and epic?

[RMMV] Paid Gig for Mixing Battle Animations

*I Still Need Hired Helpers plz leave a comment or shoot me a pm. thank you!

I hired Trihan but i'd like another 1-2 people to help him mix animations, please contact me, i really need these.

Steam Greenlight is dead: Valve introduces Steam Direct

I personally like the the new system Direct offers more opportunities for indies than before. My only worries is that the updated Discovery Algorithm turns out to not Highlight* small indies in categories or similar recommendations to other titles, than how it does now. My brothers game which is still in early accesss made $400,000 plus in 3 years its been in development which is pretty much just a playable demo on steam. Pretty good for early access title. But that's probably because its a multiplayer RPG game.

The future of Steam isn't the Fee it's the Discovery Algorithm. Since the market will be flooded most likely, but what idk.

Steam Greenlight is dead: Valve introduces Steam Direct

I dont see why everyone is thinking high end of $5000, i highly doubt it. There goal is to increase their catalog while deterring indies who aren't committed enough. The idea is to stay competitive in a fastly changing marketplace. My guess is its going to be around $300-$500 maybe alittle more i doubt that as well. sure valve likes money but their a business and to stay in business you need a competitive edge, and the only way to do that is to pick a adequate price range.

Steam Greenlight is dead: Valve introduces Steam Direct

go here, for best info. there is no community voting for direct.

Steam Greenlight is dead: Valve introduces Steam Direct

I can't afford 5k either, but i doubt it be that much. More likely $300-$500 range. And im betting the recoupable fee is based on your sales so if you sell x amount you get x back % on top of the sale.

As for other portal theres and gamejolt but i wouldnt expect you to make sales on those large portals. but its a nice place to put your game except gamejolt which bad very bad. due to them keeping your ip rights.

Steam Greenlight is dead: Valve introduces Steam Direct

It's not greed you get the FEE Back! Not sure how though...

Steam Greenlight is dead: Valve introduces Steam Direct

Read another article on cnet, and it says NO USER Voting so its DIRECT. FEE is Recoupable too, so its going to be very HiGH. yikers but good in a way...

Direct to market.
NO Voting.
NO Marketing.
Your sales is based on their discovery algorithm.