[RMMV] Need a developer to help diagnose a problem with code (PAID)

Hi, i need a developer familiar with javascript to help me figure out whats wrong with this rpg maker mv to android client apk maker. What's happening is the BGM isn't work although bgs, me, and se work fine. I think it has something to do with the apk maker still using Crosswalk which is no longer supported on the android version that this apk maker uses, but the code is still in one of the files. I'm not sure but there is a descrpency between webview client and the crosswalk code, that may be the cause of the audio BGM not to work, i can deploy it though, it works fine on android just No BGM. So here's the deal you figure out what code below needs tweaking, to get BGM to work, and I'll happily pay you to assist.


$100 Paid. Need someone to successfully export a test on android

Hi, i'm trying to test out a android deployment, ive installed the apk, and the game runs fine, but the BGM isn't working. I have BGS SE ME Working, but the actual Music BGMs will not play, there in .m4a, the .ogg get exlcuded. i've read you have to activate the audio on android for rpg maker mv to work, but idk how to do this.

So, i'm willing to pay $100 for someone to diagnose my problem, and pretty much get my BGM to work on my Test Device. i'll compile and build, and deploy for the test.

Contact me or leave a message here, if interested.

[RMMV] Paid Job $120/per month seeking a assistant for my auto-battle game.

Hi, I'm hiring an assistant to help me develop my RPG
Maker MV game. I'll pay you $120 a month for some work
per month on a ongoing basis, (that's all i can afford a
month) until we finish and get it on Steam Direct. I am
also willing to share revenue on Steam.

I need help with battle animations, game design and testing,
and entering data for enemies and classes, and items, so it's
balanced. I like low numbers for stats and I'm having trouble
balancing that.

The game is called, Party Royale. It uses a sideview
auto-battle system, and procedural generated dungeons.

For assets, the sideview enemies are done, theres i
think around 400 sideview enemies. And i'm currently
using the character generetor with MV, to create side
view actors. I can also compose music, so it will have
a great soundtrack!

The game is divided into Dungeon, Skirmish, Siege,
Bounty, and Colosseum. You select from a menu to choose
which activity the player wants to do.

Each actor class has a set of 3 passives, that make them
unique. They can equip Runes which bestow combat skills
on their gear, as well as socket gems into gear for

The main feature is the management of a party of heroes,
using the default auto-battle feature in MV. By limiting
skills to to only some gear, it will allow for more
consistent executables in battle, along with the
passives, adds strategy in how the player choose to do

There isn't a town but dungeons have random npc
merchants that sell items.

I like RNG, random quircky things that I'm adding like
Loot Boxes which are tiered, and generate random
prefix/suffix items, when player's open them.

I'm using only a handful of plugins, the less the
better, mostly yanfly.

Bascially, game is you either go through random dungeons
for XP and Loot, or you battle it out like in Sieges or
Bounties or Arena battles.

Since the focus is battle, it's quite action oriented.
Even though the player only manages his party, he never
enters commands for battle, it makes for interesting
strategy none the less. The player is the manager and
watcher, he watches the battles onfold, and manages his
team. He can also explore in random dungeons, which uses
a timer, and random dungeon rules to make it more

If you can help simplify the game that would be great
too, even though its pretty simple right now.
Are you in interested in the job? comment here or send
me a pm. Thank you.

REQUIREMENT. You Must have free time available.


hi got a converstion vx ace to MV job for someone, if you want it? let me know. i need this script

converted to MV, as its a core script i need to make my game work, if you take the job, how much would you charge me? for the job? the sooner i get this, the sooner i can work on my battle system.

[RMMV] Great Free Webhosting with Email, Cpanel, and FTP.

i just wanted to post this resource, for anyone looking to host their game on a free domain hosting, with email accounts upto 3, and access to cpanel and ftp.

you can use a free app called FileZilla to upload your www folder to your free host.

i dont know of any other free hosting with cpanel and ftp but this one has been doing it for a long time now.

It's a good service to test out your game, and even do webview ports to mobile, reducing size of your app significantly.

You can even upgrade later, if you need dedicated service.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Gif of my empath monster talk system. Demo available on rpg

About and updating game pages?

Hi i was wondering, if updating your game page on here, would get you back in the front page?

Like blog posts, photos, and demo release?

How does handle the front page, how does that work?

[RMMV] Ultimate Dungeon Monsters (Demo - like Pokemon & Diablo)

Successfully Ported to Web Demo.

Ultimate Dungeon Monsters is a Monster Catcher Game like Pokemon and Shin Megami Tensei. With roguelike elements, games like Diablo and Path of Exile.

Things you can do in the short demo.

- only 3 levels have content, rats nest, bee hive, and snake pit.
- capture rats and snakes
- talk to monsters
- explore empty dungeons past the 3
- explore empty town and arena
- save game

The demo is mainly a test for porting it to the web.

Feedback appreciated. Bug reports? Let me know.

PS- Also posted test demo on rm net pages.

[RMMV] Need help finding m4a converter that works on android

please help me find m4a converter that works in android?

I've tried audacity, fre:ac, and ffmpeg but none of them work!

although fre:ac m4a for my sound effects works for some reason, i hear it on android, but my bgm doesnt work - cant hear it.

am i doing something wrong with these programs? i know bitrate has to do with it, and i also think it needs to be aac format with m4a extension. atleast thats how my sound efx works.

what do you use for mobile audio converter??? any success stories? also i need settings, so if you have that handy that be great.

[RMMV] How do I make apk for android? old method do not work no more

Hi, im trying to export my game and compile apk for android. thing is the manual method no longer works from the manual.

The problem is the old version of crosswalk 2015 version that has the apk maker. it no longer uses it. and it requires specific sdk version which i dont know.

I got all environment paths set and Python 3.5, JDK, SDK, crosswalk- installed.

I need to find what version of Android SDK that works with crosswalk- I tried Android studio 2.4 preview 7 6 and android studio 2.1.2. Which bit version of studio should i use 32bit or 64bit?

I got 2.4 with preview 6 to compile once with apk but now i get tons of dayum errors messages from android studio after the first compile.

I've tried website 2 apk builder but that produces errors too.

I've tried html5apkbuilder, and that outputs apk without any audio or most of the files, a 10mb apk should be 250 apk, i know apk needs to be 100mb or less unless using obb. just for testing.

Which version of JDK should i use? I've tried 8 and 7 32bit and 64 bit.

I tried all the hard ways and easy ways to compile apk none work anymore. what to do? seems like rm mv is outdated as far as exporting to mobile.
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