Steam Greenlight is dead: Valve introduces Steam Direct

this is good news.

a) Steam no longer has the final say. But most of the time they allow the vetting to go through anyhow.

b) If you read the article they have discovery algorithms in place to target players who *would be interested in your game.

c) it's still greenlight just with higher fees and no middle man.

bad news

*Hope fee isn't higher than say $500 and not even close to $1000+ since I can't afford it =-( hoping valve doesn't get greedy here and are only looking for higher margins.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

A gif picking up Power Ups and ranking up my High Score. An RPG with Power Ups and High Score whaaaat... lol

also High Score isnt just an arbitrary number either it has a real in game effect on certain aspects of game play, score actually does something.

[RMMV] My plugin for Multi-Cast, Multi-Hit using Attack Times+

Nope, it currently defaults to basic normal attacks. My little script changes the behavior to do whatever you want with Trait "Attack Times+". I know theres folks out there who love dualcast skills, so i took it a step furthur to allow all skill types and up x9 times cast.

Note- Oh I know you mean, yes Repeat does that, for magic or physical, but my script allows passive states or any state to utilize the trait "Attack Times+". Like dual cast any list of skills you want etc. instead of specifying each skill to repeat itself.

[RMMV] My plugin for Multi-Cast, Multi-Hit using Attack Times+

A simple plugin i made that allows you to use the trait "Attack Times+" on magical or physical skills or both. Dual-cast, Dual-hit, or Multi-Cast up to x9 and Multi-Hit up to 9x. Good uses are 'Passive States' or any state that gives you the option to dualcast or multihit without specifying the individual skill to repeat. It's lighter and more versatile then other dualcast plugs out there and like i said more versatile since your using traits "Attack Times+" just copy and past script to .js name it anything, and import.

Game_Action.prototype.numRepeats = function() {
var repeats = this.item().repeats;
if (this.isSkill()) {
repeats += this.subject().attackTimesAdd();
return Math.floor(repeats);

Note - the this.isSkill, currently set to use all skill types, but if you want magic only, this.isMagical or this.isPhysical for specific use of skill. add in this.isAttack to use basic attacks as well.

[RMMV] [RMVX ACE] Trihan ports your scripts for you!

Hi trihan, this script here i think if you ported it would be very useful for the community.

basically, it allows you to increase/decrease timer as well as control the GUI of the timer. would be great if you decide to port this. thank you.

Old school RMers: what are some communities that you used to belong to that have ceased to exist?

I've been around since Don Miguel days. I remember alot of the old communities, that have already been mentioned here. Never did get around to finishing my rpg, using FFVI rips.

[RMMV] Paid Gig for Mixing Battle Animations

ok, i can wait and be patient. thank you trihan. im going to send you a pm on here. please respond.

[RMMV] Paid Gig for Mixing Battle Animations

*I Still Need Hired Helpers plz leave a comment or shoot me a pm. thank you!

Hi i need battle animations using a mix of pre-existing sheets and mixing it inside rm mv. I'm not very good at mixing animations, getting the alignment is hard for me. there is 239 skills and if possible i'd like each one to look slightly different then one another, some will repeat but thats ok. I'll be helping you with the 239 animations so you won't be alone.

I have a total of 222 animation sets we'd be mixing. a mix of rtp, rm forums, and some i bought. the goal is to make each 239 skills feel different.

note - this is paid, (message me or leave comment about your rates) but i only get paid once a month, so we'd work on monthly deposits, before animation transfer to me. but i'd still like previews.

[RMMV] Video Preview of Procedural Generated Levels (Pokemon Inspired Game)

*grindalf. nice job on your grimoire of worlds project. I personally think you should go with a minecraft graphical look but thats just cuz i think it be easier/seamless with voxels. You current artwork reminds me of nintendo64 and for some odd reason dragon quest monsters joker. which is neat. as for repetitive nature of procedural games, like you said, it's gotta catch em' all. the idea of collecting monsters and random almost everything, if not everything, including flavor text, i think adds lots of detail and adds a little extra "immersive experience" to randomness that you wouldnt get otherwise. check out my new thread on my "Empath System" tell me what you think of that?

[RMMV] Preview of Talk & Empath Battle System (like Shin Megami Tensei)

hi, all. I wanted to share you a preview of my "Empath System". It's similiar to shin megami tensei but with a little more depth and complexity. It's designed to add flavor and make battles more "Lively". Based on personality and emotional responses from monsters. Depending on your choices, this may offer positive or negative effects in battle. Such as gifted items, more gold rewards, Buffs/debuffs, or conditions/states, the monster might even flee etc.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it adds character to battles, where most battle systems are rather generic and don't add any flavor.

What do you think of the Encounter Flavor Text? When the battle is initiated?