[RMMV] Video Preview of Procedural Generated Levels (Pokemon Inspired Game)

The goal is to reach to Top Ranks in the Monster Arena, and defeat the World Champion.

As for gameplay, theres lots of things implemented. It's like Pokemon where you catch Monsters and raise them. Theres TONS and I mean TONS of customization features for your Monster Collection.

As for procedural levels, I have random puzzles I'm working on, and theres random traps in the game too. And random quests from random npc spawns.

As for sound effects, I would change the default but I can't create some of the effects like cursor or cancel or confirm for example. I might look for some instead since i cant make of myself. Hard to get the right sound you know?

Thank you.

[RMMV] Video Preview of Procedural Generated Levels (Pokemon Inspired Game)

I'm proud and excited to share you a video preview of every level in my game. Procedural Generated Levels.

Listen to a preview of the EPIC & MAGICAL soundtrack. i'm looking for opinions on the levels and particle effects. is the variety varied enough?

Do you think from video game looks polished enough? What do you think of the menu screen?

As for Title Screen, and the tackiness of it. I think it's fine. If you have opinions or advice, please leave a comment. Thank you.

The green portals you see are placeholders only by the way.

- Note: The levels are empty, as i haven't gotten to working on that part yet. Since I've been working on the CORE.

[Poll] Let's Talk About Phantasy Star

Phantasy Star IV had the most epic soundtrack. The title, End of a Millennium is so cool, nothing touches that soundtrack except for Final Fantasy VI.

Ranked in Top 100 on indiedb (Rank 36)

i added it to but got denied, cuz i was advertising recruiting on the page. updated it, to just game info. take about a week to get on here. as for mod db, that site is for mods, but game is an original. can't compete against triple A games with mods, thats the top list on mod db. but for indie db, which is way more important then mod db for indie dev's. im ranked 62 on slide db for mobile gaming too. top 100 on two sites nice! =-)

Ranked in Top 100 on indiedb (Rank 36)

Hi just wanted to see if *any* of you added your game to indie db. I added my game yesterday, and I'm in the Top 100! 2nd page of popularity. Rank 36 out of 40,000 games!! 1st page for all my tags. so what rank are you? if you added yours to indie db? for rpg maker made games thats very good!!!

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[RMMV] Recruiting for ULTIMATE DUNGEON MONSTERS inspired by Pokemon!

Good idea liberty just submitting what i have here for new game added to database.

[RMMV] Recruiting for ULTIMATE DUNGEON MONSTERS inspired by Pokemon!

what do you get when you combine, Pokemon, Diablo, Final Fantasy, and Dungeons and Dragons? You get my project ULTIMATE DUNGEON MONSTERS. Currently seeking, game designers, to flesh out ideas, you dont need to code or anything just help me make a very fun indie game. So far i've got like 10% of the game complete but far from over, and i got lots of months ahead working on it. I could use battle animations if you would do that for me. Not a paid gig but a fun one! Any input is helpful.

Battle Animations: Need animators mostly for upgrading visuals in battle. I really need skill effects... Anyone wanna help here?

Game Designers: Need help with ideas, to make it as fun as possible, like Addictively fun indie game. All you need to do is help plan out the game mechanics more streamlined and seamless.

Developers: You dont need to code, but like giving me tips on MV syntax would help me out.

Mostly animators i need.


Inspired by Pokemon and Diablo. Embark on an epic adventure to collect 100's of Monsters inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Explore procedurally generated dungeons and get tons of loot. Do you have what it takes to reach the top ranks of the Monster Arena, and defeat the Wold Champion?

Here's the game mechanics that has already been implemented.

=> A Unique Battle System: Introducing the "Triple Threat System". You catch monsters using a skill called Snatch, and like Pokemon the lower the HP the higher chance of snatching. SPEED, increases various stats, as well as allow you to get Extra Turns like Breath of Fire. You also get extra turns for inflicting weakness damage based on the Type, and this can chain combo. When you hit a weakness, you get extra turns and the Monster fights on your side temporary (not on your team more like Charm). You also get 2 unique combat skills called, Trainer and Trigger. Trainer boost weakness allowing you to chain combo. Trigger used on a "Charmed" Monster increases there action count by +1. So they attack their allies one extra turn per stack. It's a HYPER SPEED Turn-Based Battle System.

=> Procedurally generated dungeons.
=> Randomized Quests, Puzzles, Traps, Loot.
=> Craft Items, and Gems for greater control over your Monster Team.
=> Slot-able Gem sockets, Slot-able Enchants, and Slot-able Actions, Passives and Ultimate Moves.
=> Randomized Prefix and Suffix Equips. Such as "World Champion Trophy of Legends".
=> New Game+, start over and play it all again for a much tougher and challenging game.

=> Scaling Monster Levels to keep you on your toes.

=> A Monsterpedia to track your Monster Collection.
=> A Total of Sixteen Guilds with varying secrets and treasure to discover.
=> Six Types of Monsters, the Tank, Balanced, Fighter, Defender, Support, and Champion.
=> 100's of Species of Monsters to discover.
=> A Monster Farm to deposit all your Monsters for later use.
=> One Hundred Arena Champions to fight and earn trophies. Fight your way to top of the Major League, and win the game.

=> Each and every Skill is unique with 250 Moves to deal MASSIVE Damage or Support your Team.

=> Stat Distribution on Level Up.
=> ATTACK increases Physical Damage, Counter Rate, Aggro Rate, Hit Rate, Critical Evasion.
=> ARMOR increases Health, Physical Reduction, Counter Rate, Evasion Rate.
=> SPECIAL increases Special Damage, Reflect Rate, Aggro Rate, Hit Rate, Ultimate Cost.
=> SHIELD increases Health, Special Reduction, Reflect Rate, Special Evasion.
=> SPEED increases Extra Turns, Critical Rate, Hit Rate, Critical Evasion, Evasion, Special Evasion.
=> LEADER increases Ultimate, buffs every Stat, Health Regen, Ultimate Regen and Recovery Rate.

=> The Emblem System: A Mix combing Final Fantasies Materia System and Path of Exiles Skill Socket system with Emblems. Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence that link and grant bonuses when linked up.

=> There's a HUD for displaying common use items, such as Trap Kits, Pickaxes, Shovels, Torches, Candles, and Lamps.
=> Pickaxes break boulders and rocks for random Gems.
=> Shovels dig up random items used for Crafting.
=> Trap Kits prevent floor and other trap damage on the current dungeon floor.
=> Torches, Candles, and Lamps increase visibility, very important as its a rather dark atmosphere.

=> You don't gain XP from battles. XP is acquired from completing Dungeon Runs, Quests, and using XP Snacks (item).

It's a very old school game, but unique i think at least as far as the bits and pieces of other Major Games I've used in my project.

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