At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia

Hi DJBeardo!
Thank you for the swift answer: I was at last able to finish the game. The first version I played was AtLastAlone1.exe (without RTP), the second you uploaded ALARAM.exe (with RTP): I think that's the source of the problem (change in the folders and files). I downloaded your two other games, but unfortunately tactical stategy (Risen) and too much stealth sequences(Canyon of Fires) discouraged me to start (the former) or finish (the latter) both. The quality of the games was not by far involved, just my own preferences of play.
For a first game ("start small""), I salute the great work you achieved. I'm looking forward now to the announced next instalment of your saga!
Best wishes,
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At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia

I don't know wether there is still someone checking that thread: I post it just in case. I'm completely stuck in the game, unable to find the rope ladder, despite may many repeated complete searches of every floor of Moranthia castle and village (there is now no more fiends in the place!).
Thank you so much for your answer!
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I hope too that the problem is not related with the game crashing I experiment when trying to talk to the last captive of the prison (Unable to find file: Graphics/Pictures/AdraedEmoset-7)!

Hero's Realm

Thank you so much, Kentona: indeed I didn't get any themesong, even when waiting for several minutes, but your second solution worked perfectly.
And thank you too for the swift answer!
Back to the game, now!
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Hero's Realm

Hi Kentona,
An excellent game you did! Unfortunately, I'm unable to enter Chapter 5: the initial cutscene blocks just after was announced "The grand Guru Poobah... Pablo". I tried to download again the game (v1.5) and its patches, but to no avail.
Do you have any suggestion? An address to post my last save (just before entering Sudash) maybe ?
I'll be very grateful for your help!
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When You Were Young

Hello StormCrow and JustAShyDoge (ladies first ?)

I loved your excellent two-hand game, and as a mark of my appreciation, I'd like to add my little contribution to the hunt for bugs above:

- once cast, Elmer's "Five Finger Discount" spell doesn't return immediately the focus to the next character as expected (but maybe didn't I understand the logic/mechanic of the spell?). Quiting the apparent loop produce the error message "Script 'Ace Battle Engine v1.22' line 2923: NoMethodError occured. Undefined method 'input' for nil:NilClass".

- quiting the Pyramid Island by ship, heading south, crossing the wall and entering Verdammt Castle from south causes the game to call the "Out at Sea" final sequence. Yes, why not use the portal, ask you. Well, because I didn't visit the Items Shop in Moon Bell and found the Sun Burn Lotion, I answer!

- you enter Stireholm south, but exit north. An incorrigible explorer such as me landing on the south shore and entering the village, is definitely trapped on the island and condemned to reload his last save!

Be sure I understand the constraint of the "Swap in the middle with you" rules, and don't see ill-founded criticism here. The only remark I could do is to recolmmend some professional proofreading!

Looking forward playing the next product of your collaboration,

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Dragon Quest Remake (95% Complete Demo)

Hello AnimeBryan,
Thank you for that excellent game revival I finished in a little less than 10 hours at level 30! The experience and gold grinding as well as the game difficulty are very well balanced with a steady progression, which is a great satisfaction for someone like me who modertately appreciates endless fights again overpowered end-level bosses!
The monsters sprites, more humorous than scaring, remembered me all these classic games of the good ol' nineties I liked (even though I never experienced any of the Nintendo ones at that time.
I'm looking now forward for a full version of the game, where I won't had to search every patch of the maps in order to find essential items as Pixy Flute or Eldrick's token!
Keep on the good work!

PS: an annoying bug, all equipments are cleared whenever you sleep at an inn or you load a previous save. This is not a problem if you check your equipment immediately, but may be one if you don't at the first bad encounter!

The Crystal King

Subscribed !

The Crystal King

You Bugbear may be Annoying, but sure your demo is far from boring! I played it in normal mode, the mapping is very good, the difficulties are well balanced and levelling up easy: I look forward your next update! In the meantime, congrats and keep on the good work !

EVERNA FireHeart Legacy VX

Hello Vadis,

As suggested, I uninstalled the previous version and installed the new one:

- first attempt: I copied my old save files in the new folder : the "Weighty dwarf" remained equipped by Cris as accessory, and the game freezed as before.

- since Cris had the "Weighty dwarf" equipped in all my 4 old saves, I thought that that could be the source of the above failure and re-run the game from start. The "Weighty dwarf" indeed disappeared as accessory but was correctly dropped at the feet of the Grand Trow: unfortunately, the game freezed as before.

I imagine that going back to work after a 3-year discontinuation is a difficult job: is there however any hope to solve the problem?

EVERNA FireHeart Legacy VX


author=author=Evilmumrah I hope someone is monitoring this board. I have run into a game lock up situation. I brought the dwarf to the Grand Trow and this Frei Val'shka starts a fight with me. I choose my actions and then the game just stops. I can see Christoph and Carolyn and Robert just bobbing there waiting for the fight but it never starts. I have restarted from my last save point but the same thing keeps happening. Help!

Today 06/17/2018, I encounter the same issue as Evilmumrah on 12/07/2014 although downloading the last version (EVERNA FireHeart Legacy VX), and copying my previous save files. The "Weighty Dwarf" equipped on Cristophe cannot be un-equipped since it forbids entering in Emola Grad. Help again!

Thank for your help and for that excellent game: I'm delighted to find again the spirit of old school games!