Romancing Monarchy

Hello Rouhana,

Thank you for these informations. I downloaded your 1.50 release and copied my save files in the new folder: all seems OK, let's play now!

I experimented another issue running the game on Windows 7 64 bits (RAM 4Go): I experimented frequent and seemingly random crashes, with return to the desk without any warning. Independently of these crashes, I noticed an unusual heating of the processor and frequent triggering the fan, while the task manager showed 4 instances of Game.exe running simultaneously.

The problem disappeared when running the game on Windows 10 64 bits (RAM 8Go), which might point to an overload of either or both RAM and processor. I add that in my experience not all MV games encounter the same problem.

Did you have any information or idea concerning that issue?

Romancing Monarchy

Hello kenlan,

You can fall from the edge of the floor without any harm!

Romancing Monarchy

Hello Rouhana,
Your game is amazing, and I'm specially delighted to feel again the atmosphere of the eight-bit era games along with the last enhancements of RPGM MV. Congrats for the excellent work!

I meet up now with a problem: after warping to the elf village and getting the Yggdrasil leave, I can't find the ship neither at Parthia (as expected) nor at any shore of the continent and I stay blocked in Achea. I wish to say that I didn't feel the need to change the class of my 4 characters (landknecht, thief, cleric and mage) who are at 25-26 level. If that issue is not a glitch, what did I miss or what did I wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Please forget my request: the answer was obvious!

Aurora Magica

Hi Failsauce,
Just a note after playing your demo: the game randomly crashes on Windows 7 platform, as already described for some other RPGM MV games developped on Windows 8. These crashes occur without warning when quiting a room or place such as Varek house or Hill Tower ruins east of Squatterville. There is no more problem on Windows 10, and presumably on Windows 8. May be thatb information will be useful for future players!
Anyway, I found that demo an appealling prelude and I'm looking forward your further developments: keep on the good work!

The Journey to Medulla

Hi IHaveNoSkin,
I just finished your demo: the storyline and mapping are highly attractive, MV graphics great, congratulations !
I just would like to point out a problem with Windows 7: the game crashes frequently and randomly at any time when closing a dialogue or leaving an area, returning to the desktop without any warning. It doesn't happpen with Windows 10: not sure that you could do anythying about that!
I look forward the full version on summer !
Best wishes for the new year !


I too finished the demo, and I look forward for the release of its complete version! Original gameplay and great graphics, thanks to RPGM MV!
I fully agree with Firefly84 about the far too low rate of EXP earning, which make grinding for leveling-up somewhat boring (no offense meant).
I add a suggestion: when distributing SP among physical/magical characteristics, it should be useful to see the characteristics level in order to select which one to enhanced. It's hard to remember which parameter are to be improved for which character!
Some remarks:
- the game needs Windows 8 (or W8 compatibility on Windows 10) for running correctly. I spent a lot of time to understand why I experimented so frequent crashes on W7 and W10 before finding it!
- I didn't find how to place Souls or Chips on weapons. Is that indication in the "feature under development" file?
- Anoter feature I assume to be under development: the fluidity of the between-page transition when changing location or menu options. Is it a no-RTP version?

Overall, you made an excellent work: I hope you won't resent my comments above!

Old Timer

PS: the game let you save from any slot you wish and load from any previous record as long as you don't quit. Otherwise you can only load the first save. Already in the to-do list?

Dream Drift

Hello City Shrimp,
You achieved an excellent game in spite of some imperfections easily forgivable for the first attempt of a new dev (no offense meant). I'd like simply point out a glitch occuring when the save station is localized in a room: loading twice consecutively the same save (for instance before buying a new gear or triggering a key event) make it impossible the second time to leave the room: the exit is blocked . Fortunately, closing and re-opening the game solves the problem.
Congrats again,
Old Timer

Memories of Elefee

An excellent game, with a rich scenario, I finished in 8 hours: I can wait for the remaining 25%! A hard game too, needing a lot of grinding to buy the best gears and replenishing items. Fortunately, some monsters in the forest areas gave more XP and jellys than slimes! Some glitches encountered:
- shops don't propose all weapons and armor pieces the characters could use at their experience level. For instance, footgears are not in sale and magic water cannot be bought; Neccia can equip a buckler, but none can be bought if you sold the buckler you did no longer need.
- the equipment characteristics are not identical for the different characters: Risa has no slot for offhand, nor Neccia for cloak (though cloaks she could nod equip improve her protection in the shop menu)
- rewards for the silk and whisps sidequests can not be paid since the shopkeeper does not acknowledge their achievement.
Congratulations for the good work!

Generations of Epheria: The Shadow Huntress

An excellent game from a guy who said he did only what a man can do! I have to play it on a brand new 64-bits Windows 10 platform with 8 Gb of RAM to prevent the many unexpected crashes with immediate return to desktop I experienced on my other 6-year older machine but it was worthful (which points towards a RAM or graphic card weakness)!
I have no major remark about the gameplay but a minor one: the STM gauge of fiends doesn't show for every monster, only for the lasts The encounter rate may seem a bit high, but ensures a steady levelling-up searching every corner of the maps: in a nutshell, congratulations for that wonderful game I spent 11 hours to beat. Be sure I'm looking forward the next chapters!
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