Fix to inn in Berylustyr

A solution for those having download the old version and being stuck in the Berylustyr Inn after resting : go 3 steps W, 4 steps N, 8 steps W, 7 steps S, 2 steps E the S!
Thanks MoonWolfV for the quick fix!
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Standard Disney Fare

Hi MoonWolfV,
The game blocks on a black screen when I try to sleep in Berylustyr Inn (I keep access to every activated menu options, but cannot quit the inn). Is it a glitch? What do I wrong?
Thank you for your help,

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A Thief's Voyage

Hello Walldeaf,

You made an excellent work, and I ended at level 22+ after 11h30 of happy gaming. I'm amazed you did so much (wonderful story, scripting and graphics) in only 5 months!
Thanks you for the good time your gave me, I'm looking for your next delivery: october maybe? (give him an inch and he'll take a mile!)

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Epic Wings 2

Hi The Nerd Mansion,
I finished what I left behind after beating Falling Wrath/Dragon and loading my last save file: finding access to the Forest of Illusions and beating the whole party of the Knights of Slumria. In total, completing the game and its subquests took me about 38 hours. Thank you for that awesome game - perfect with lots of pretty little flaws! - and your help! I'm now going to replay the first episode to let cool the second before replaying it!
Looking forward the 3rd episode in 2023!
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Epic Wings 2

Hello TheNerdMansion,

Thank you for the link and, above all, great thanks to YellowPencil for the puzzle solution: I would never had the patience to explore all the possibilities of interacting with levers and pillars...
I had already noticed that the group should include a special leader or member to trigger some events: I'll have replay the game from scratch to find missed characters such as the prisoner in the Green Walk Road cave!

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Epic Wings 2


HELP! I'm completely stuck at two points of the game:

- Once the Queen of Fairies found and freed, I'm unable to got the expected reward in Forest of Illusion: I can't neither enter the Queen's Palace ("You don't have the authority to open this gate") nor obtain the approbation of Elder Fario ("If I approve you, then the other will too, k?"). Note the Watcher on Light Side report only Queen of Fairies as missed, but counts a total of two missed powers.

- In the Royal Palace, I was able to move up the first lever and to "unite" the three pillars: I tried every tile of the chessboard without any result, either first activating the lever or uniting the pillars.

I don't know if I miss an obvious tricky point or met a bug... Could you help me please?

Thank you for your answer,

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Epic Wings 2

Hello TheNerdMansion,
Thanks to the time lag I presume, I discovered your update when I got up this morning: so I confirm you that the bug is now fixed!
And, above all, many thanks for the swift response!

Epic Wings 2

Hello guy(s) of TheNerdMansion,

As TheRPGMakerAddict above I played the first Epic Wings episode and downloaded the sequel without any hesitation.

I meet now a serious glitch in the Hidden Tower: after finding the 4 Ultimate Weapons and exiting the Tower to update team gears, I found myself stucked on a totally blind screen when trying to come back to the 3rd floor. Stepping back to the 2nd floor was possible, but the screen remained black after the transient message "Floor 2".
I can send you 2 save files: the first recorded just before opening the 4 chests (moving between 2nd and 3rd floors was still possible), the second just at the foot of stairs towards 3rd floor, just before the blockade, should you give me an email address.

Should it help, I noted somme other minor issues:
- randomly blocking of battle scenes, requiring the famous Windows "Alt + F4" reset. Incidentally, it could be worthful to implement an option "Return to title" / "Exit game" in the Options menu.
- randomly loss of the possibility to choose the ally targeted by spells such as "Heal"
- overall, a proof-checking by a native/experimented english-speaker could greatly improve spelling and grammar of text. No offense meant: as a native french-speaker, I may myself deserve the remark!

All in all, congratulations for that 2-year fruitful and appealing work.

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Tomorrow's Child

Thank you very much, Marrend: your link saved the day! I now start with Sabal and Kerrigan in their bed ("Oh...what a night."!!!) and all seems to run rightly afterwards. Congrats for the diagnosis!
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Tomorrow's Child

Sorry PianoTM,
I downloaded your test game, but the characters are invisible on the start screen (with all RTP installed: 2000, 2003, XP,VX and VX Ace), though I can move them and interact with chest using the mouse. I wished to post a screen copy, but I don't know how.
Could it be a missing file issue?
Thank you for the answer,
Old Timer
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