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New Version Available! Updated (08/01/10)

Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, it made me =( when I discovered it, especially after I found one of the hidden events that can happen before the prelims. From what little I could go through, I did have plenty of fun though, and I look foward to the full version.

New Version Available! Updated (08/01/10)

While I had fun playing what little I could, for some reason that I still haven't figured out, I can't continue to play after the World Tournament preliminaries start at the beginning of the game. It will continue to the point where everyone draws numbers, but after that the game just goes idle for the next three hours until the gameover screen appears =( edit- And this has happened in both the 3.00 b and 3.00 c versions. It doesn't seem to make any difference on what I do before the preliminaries either.
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