Nothing to see here, move along.




...Aw. Noticed this and wanted to give it a try after I finish Wraith, but the download link has Anti-Climbing Paint.


...What is this screen shot of? I can't make anything out.

Super RMN Bros. 2

Yes, what does the toggle entries button do? I'm kind of afraid to push it without knowing, although I think it'll just hide them.

Super RMN Bros. 2

While it would be great to get the completed game as a present tomorrow, I think we can all agree that GRS should take as long as he needs to.

Super RMN Bros. 2

Alright, I'll PM you my level I guess? Not sure if you would want it GRS since, it's the same level I already have submitted.

Ben: Nope, can't fix the fruits. All they are is Red Coins that look like fruits. Which as far as I know, is the closest that can be gotten to the real thing D:

Super RMN Bros. 2

So how long after the deadline can we expect the finished game to come out?

Super RMN Bros. 2

Well, it still isn't too hard. You're just not going to want to skip Yoshi.

Super RMN Bros. 2

Since ShortStar thought that it was too easy, I've updated Yoshi_Plains to be slightly harder. I also fixed the water so that you can't swim above it. Also, Ben you can unzip .rar files by downloading Winrar which has a free trial version at the official site.

Super RMN Bros. 2

Alright, just submitted the final version of Yoshi Plains. I'm pretty happy with it, considering that it was my first level. I'll probably be experimenting with the editor until Super RMN Bros. 3 starts so that I can make better levels then.

Open for Testers!

I would be willing to test this. It'll be worth it if it makes the final product better.