I really love this game. It´s replay value is amazing and here is why: When I finshed the game I could rewind game to collect other endings. "Cool!" - I thought. But the amazing part is that when I was replaying it and did things differently, it activated new scares in places where nothing happened on my first playthrough, scaring the s*** out of me. I end up finding something new everytime I rewind game and that is what I call a replay value.

I am trying really hard to find all things and unlock all endings without any help and I am doing a great job at it, but some items and secrets just keep eluding me.

I do have few questions: At some points in the game when I do certain things I hear doors opening or closing (like when I get red gem). Are these sounds meaningful in some way or just there to scare me (which, by the way, are one of scariest things in this game for me, making me think that someone came in the room, or was there the whole time)? I did notice silhouette running in the garden, so... yeah.

Another question of mine is when I pick up item in the water, when I click again it say that there is something shinning in the water. Is this some error or something I haven´t figured out yet?

I like how I lose sanity and see horrifying images when I lose my "health".

All in all, game is excellent. Congratulations, Daniel_B!

Is your last name Fawn? Saw a grave in the game with Daniel Fawn written on it. And is that a Markiplier reference I spy with my little eye?
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