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Macro Machines

Are you going to have enough time to make an opponent or will this be time based racing?

Orca - Wakitta's mistery

Time to bring out the good ole translator. Language barrier hasn't exactly stopped me from wanting to play a game.

Release Something 11

Hopefully everyone will be able to release something and not think to hard about it. Feels like show and tell when i was little, trying to figure out which toy to bring...

Release Something 11

author=Deacon Batista
Sounds good in theory, but you know how reality is: Nobody has time to play anything. Everybody has spent his last free time to work on his own stuff...

I have plenty of time. Heck, I'm still thinking about doing some lps for a couple of games here in a few weeks.


Needs more stuff to do. Robbing the bank didn't really take much effort. I thought this game's theme was consequences? Kinda like in the fable games.

Zombie City

So many zombie games, not enough aliens. Or a combination of the two.

Iron Gaia

I'd say have something make the decision for you, if it helps. Most of the games you've made were pretty interesting, like backstage.

Hex of Darkness

"Cereal Killer" ???

I think that was intentional.

I like the way this game is going though...

Iron Gaia

Ever thought about remaking this, Max?