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pretty much a newbie in game-making, but a heavily player who loves plot twists.




I'm glued on this page and no one shall take me from here.
*glues myself*
See you guys after i play this game.

Year End Retrospective: Overall Bestest Game Edition

I think the game that most made me want to play it and actually finish without taking loads of weeks was Oneshot, it's a really amazing game and has some very creative coding.It actually interact with us in more ways than one, and that fact made me love the game even more. (The graphics are astonishing and the story is deliciously mysterious)

It Moves

I was watching Pewdiepie yesterday and, surprise! He already downloaded 'It moves' (more than one time, apparently something went wrong) I think we can expect a let's play soon *W*


This game seems really cool!! *WW*

The Penguins of MadaSTATScar

I'm excited to be an old auntie already.
And then I'll talk like the old gamers that say things like:
"The good ol' times of Atari..."
"The good ol' times of gameboy..."

But my annoying phrase will be: "The good ol' times of Pom gets wi-fi..."
that game is immortal. Look at the views.

Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker's Daughter

Beautiful game! i'm on the forest part but it looks amazing so far *W*
i have only one question because i'm dumb// how do we save?

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Cool demo!!
There's only some points i think are a bit weird, though.They bothered me while playing.
The way the girl walks is really bothersome, it looks like a bug, she takes to long//And the voices are great, but they sound a bit provocative @^@ oh's ans aah's coming out of nowhere//

At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia

"profile views 777"
even god approves this project//
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