Sore Losers

"I understand now!" )
Yesterday downloaded a good 1.2 version from Gamejolt and liked it very much
Though, after I finished a good portion of broken 1.2 version, now I feel that the game is almost not hard at all )
(cause I had to know all strenghts and weaknesses of characters and whole battle system simply to survive)
An Asylum is marvellous - really liked this place)
thanks for a good work and my enjoyment..
(It was fun trying to get through,though)

See you in Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl


*went runnning to work not to be late (and suddenly remembered "A blurred line"*

Beyond Eden: Chronicles of Nod


Just as I thoght!)
have to work on timing)))
by the way - a really nice way to implement quest elements

Beyond Eden: Chronicles of Nod

Well... quite a nice game! Though, have some problems... and don't know, is it bug, or I didn't understand smth, or is it the end of demo...
I'm talking about the Pai Mae first exam - when I have Skeleton Key and broken puzzle piece...what to do?
Thank you
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