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Premise: A spiritually minded RPG. A serious game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Plot Synopsis: Three people from Earth find their way to a planet called Gaia.

The Goddess questions the balance of good and evil in her creation, and the spiritual identity of three outlanders is brought into question.

On this planet, Demons are manifest by rare emotional extremes. Due to the nature of their creation, they gain power by furthering human suffering. Though not inherently evil, they selfishly survive at the expense of humans.

When a demon is killed, it is re-manifest in the Infernal Realm below the surface of the planet where it is doomed to exist forever. Though you probably wouldn't want to go there, humans are technically impervious to the magical boundary that separates these two places.

The world is thrown into turmoil when for the first time (and to everyone's confusion) a half-demon half-human is born. Having the powers and desire to feed of a demon and the human ability to pass from Realm to Realm, a new strategy must be formulated to stop the regenerating half-demon once and for all.

Custom Menu System
Modified Default Battle System
Custom Encounter System
New Game + (With extras)
Two main endings (with many variations)
Custom Leveling System
Job Class System
Headquarters Recruitment System
40+ hours of polished gameplay!
Well written dialogue
Quirky characters
Treasure, treasure treasure! That's not as a feature as much as it is just awesome. Treasure is hidden everywhere.
Multiple plot twists
Item Creation systems (Alchemy and cooking)
Dozens of Puzzles and mini-games!
Three difficulty settings
Loads of secrets and hidden stuff!

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Things are progressing, though slow. I have a toddler and my wife and I both work full time and alternate childcare. I do have the goal of finishing by mid-august, not including additional testing time.

Graphics are almost all converted. Finding new sprites for all the monsters proved to be the most tricky. Currently working on converting and making new animations. I hired an artist to do all the character portraits that are used in the menus, who is still working on them, but has a few done and I am pleased with the direction.

A few new scenes were written, and a few rewritten, two new towns to explore and a new gorge dungeon have been added. Still need to work on the ending and then my primary concern is balancing- Particularly among the 9 different job classes and their varying availability throughout the adventure.

I redid the world map entirely and implemented a mini-map for it. I am also overhauling how the player interacts with places on the world map.
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  • RPG Maker 2003
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  • 09/04/2008 02:30 AM
  • 08/02/2017 11:17 AM
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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
If you are who you I just heard you are...I NEED to play this...if not, you should really let me know via PM.
Nice game, i see you implemented the New Game+ system from Chrono Trigger. That's a good move :)
Wow played the demo and I must say...please finish this.
Well... quite a nice game! Though, have some problems... and don't know, is it bug, or I didn't understand smth, or is it the end of demo...
I'm talking about the Pai Mae first exam - when I have Skeleton Key and broken puzzle piece...what to do?
Thank you
Search the rock nearby for a piece of plastic. Then go to your menu and use them both and watch as they combine on the screen to form a whole new key.

Just as I thoght!)
have to work on timing)))
by the way - a really nice way to implement quest elements
Thanks Tyranos. It's coming along. Slowly, but surely.
Bummer, my host's site must be down or something. Know of any alterternative hosts?
www.mediafire.com / rapidshare (although I prefer the 1st one, both are good hosting websites and their trustworthyness for long living is more than enough I guess :p)
Rapidshare should suffice. Should your game go above 100 mb though I suggest putting it up on RMN.
Shit I hit tab+enter and it posted the comment...I wasn't finished. Sorry for the double comment.

I like the fishing spots and the whole minigame but perhaps you could speed up the appearance of fish? I noticed that it takes quite a while for one to come by sometimes. At least that way having to constantly move your hook, which can throw off your line up and make you miss a fish no matter how hard you try because the timing is just off.

Just as I thoght!)
have to work on timing)))
by the way - a really nice way to implement quest elements

Pai Mae's chapter is a little intense. A walkthrough will be included with the demo, which will be re-released next month.
Edit: No demo. This sucker is DONE. Well, almost done. Expect it in November.
This looks like a beautiful game, cant wait to download it.
My mind is full of fuck.
Well your gonna have to wait a couple of months or so.:(
And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
Aaaaaaah this game rocks!
I wanna play it!!
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