Keh) Reminds me of time, when I couldn't get through first boss of Secret of Evermore)


What am I living fooooor?!!!! T___T

Demon Legacy

Good, very good. Quite linear, sad, but true story.
Pity, that all impotant characters seem to walk the same road of idealism, which leads to zealotry (Apollo,Shadar,Slade...many others...)
The way Slade speaks to others makes it quite possibe that he is going the same way of selfless self-destruction....They all are too human...
A pity...Only being that could help him is... Orion? He seems to be most sensible being in whole game.
Also liked that scaredy-cat Rhea (love my tsunderes fresh and a bit uncliche)
Too many thoughts to tell - thanks for that.

Some Fixes for Version 1.1 Release

Well, here it is:
1)why do you even need "Evo amulet" at such a late point(arena) - even without grinding system is comfortable enough to be at final form at that point? If there was more forms/larger EP gap it would be sensible(like 100 for second, 250 for third tier) but now it's just pretty much useless.
2)If you return to the point where you were found(after Xandra's rescue) you can find a dead/unconsious dragon by the river(actually it was your sprite, which appeared somehow)

... It seems that you aren't really the last one...

The Tiamat Sacrament

Well, after thinkin' a bit imagined a way for "Cursed Dragon" to be more interesting/balanced

The way I imagine it, "miror curse" is quite a ritualistic process...
*) I've thought to add HP cost to Xandra with small MP cost.
*)Make "Comdemned" activatable skill with 0 MP cost
and have change the way it works -
(for example, no soulgem and/or natural skills or breath would usable without unleashing your curse, but have some kind of unique skill, which is not overkill, but usable only without unlocking )

So it would make quite a time and HP to activate mirror curse, and it will make sense to activate it if you can manage surviving.
Sorry , I know, it sounds a bit confusing, but after fork my english writing skills are not as good as they should be..
Hope to post some kind of outset which would make more sense later


The Tiamat Sacrament

I think I got it from attaining final dragon form...

The Tiamat Sacrament

So, I play it again.
It is as good as I thought, but there were some issues I wanted to note (Dunno if I should post it there, but anyways...)

First thing I notice is that first battles seem much less tedious... much easier (and it was good thing - later it becomes harder)

Second thing - there some serious balance issues with dragon evolution - you should not, for example, allow second evolution before Knoas, and final before getting third party member!
(Or not allow pseudo-runes to be used in evolution)
(It was because I was familiar with rune using, and was not reluctant to use them as a normal way of attack/defence(now its usage is even comfortable and I kinda got carried away. . .So I became tier 3 before Knoas (even as Dragon Shard hunting) and it couldnt inhale once before being beaten >_<)

Also, my choice of final form( which came qute sooner than I thought) was quite broken, if a bit dangerous, In a way, it was almost ultimate "glass cannon".
I'm speaking about "Cursed Dragon" and all-powerful ability "mirror curse" (being able to attack all enemies? For 600-1500? Wiht a 0 MP?? Just for a "Degen" status? Something seems off..
Yes, it's still no pushover as dragon becomes quite possible to fall, but still...

This leads to second thing...Diamond Lure... Which I gaind before I was expected to find. Well, the problem is not fishie was out-of-level, I'm OK with that (In FF,Valkyrie Profile and many others it was not such a rare occasion ^^'')...But two facts: It is used automatically(not thing I like), and in encounter with giant fishie there are third person in dialog(even before Knoas, I checked)...

All that things aren't quite bad, and too cheesy t tactics and ways to go, which lead to confusion should be just avoided (just as Vanish/Doom)...but...just thought I should mention it...

Nice artwork,btw

And overall nice game)

May post, when I remember/find something to post

Chrono Trigger

Quite fun game... Has a heavy imageboard flavour...
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