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Recruiting staff members for Runic Cipher (RM2k3)

Show me your screenshots! Summer Edition

Show your screenshots... WHILE YOUR ASS IS OUT OF SCHOOL. (Or not.)

A random map I made with RMVX. Lol.

I'm not dead yet.

Hey, RMNers! It's been a while since I've last participated in this community non-stop. What's been going on? Shit has been going good for me, just seriously been busy with life. :(

Anyways, for those that liked my Runic Cipher demo: I'm still working on the game, and I'm currently seeking two testers from this community that is interested. Sorry for not really releasing 0.50 yet; I've been working on tweaking the graphics, soundtrack, story, characters, gameplay, and the like. Therefore, the massive amount of meticulous time spent working on this game will turn out to be an even more impressive release. Hell, I'm still not certain whether or not I wait until I FINISH the game! Because I think releasing demos over and over again gets pretty fucking gay and repetitive, so yeah...

P.S.: I put up three new screenshots of the game, to show some new changes on the characters' sprites. Yes, I got sick of the lame-ass bland FFV sprites that I decided to be more distinctive with my character designs, except for characters like Isabella, Alex, and Zafar -- they're good enough!

Hey cocksuckers


I am an ex-Global Mod regular from RPG Crisis Forums, and I've decided not too long ago to join in hopes of advertising my Rm2k3 game, Runic Cipher.

It is great to see that atleast this community (in my view) is still willing to give new games a chance, since most other RM forums pretty much choose to ignore your own project/game threads, and that can really hurt the developer(s) who spent all of that time trying to perfect their game, and in the end, all for nothing.

Other than people knowing that I use RPG Maker, I am also a thrash metal musician , a long-time spriter, a nostalgic SNES Player, and someone really would love to go out there and travel.

I hope you all welcome me, or I shall sneak into your home while you sleep and steal your shit. :D
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