I'm not even good at descriptions (and I'm good at writting ¬ ¬) but I will try...

I'm a guy from Spain (Madrid) but I live in Cadiz. I love music, I love to play the drums and RPG's games in general. I Have some skills with rpg maker vx/ace and with 2003. I have tried the others but I don't like them too much.
I also like writting poetry and writting plots for stories.

Well this is me :)


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Let's Write... !!!

here is my writting xD This story is a little dark. Just for you know.
tags: dark, death, suicide...
My birth was in germany, in 1970. I lived my infancy medium class family, nothing unusal. My name was Schatten bartsch. My family was a normal family. There were no much problems there. I had no brothers but when I was small I never felt lonely. I had some friends in school and in highschool. I was a normal guy, with a normal life and a normal family. But I changed, I destroyed everything. That day, the cursed dsy in which I started to have fear. January, 1989. My age was 19. I went to my house, which I shared with my girlfriend. When I opened the door a rotten scent enbraced my senses. It was quite disgusting. Inside my house I saw my girlfriend body hanged in the common room. Her face looked yellow and her tonge was purple. I was schoked but I hanged out her body and called the police. That day was haunting me for years. Now I have no fear in remebering that day but it's cost me a lot to forget it. On nobember, in the same year, something similar happened to me again. I was in a pub speaking with a friend of mine. Suddenly, a guy who was near started vomiting some kind of foam. He was dying of an epilepsy attack. I was quite scared and disgusted. Thanks to thoose two things, I became paranoid. I was so paranoid than I moved to another town, to scape from her. But it was in vain. In july of 1991 I was in a friend's house. We where sharing some heroin. We wrre having a good time. I felt sleep there. Wen I woke up my friend face was yellow, his eyes where gone and his tonge was blue. I was sscsrelared. Also there were many policemans inside the house. I thanks a lot that I'm alive now. But that day was the trigger of my obssesion by her. I just realised I couldn't scape from her. She was upon my way, she was destroying everything I meet. That day I started my journey into the darkness and into her thoughts. Death, you're my demon and saviour.

[RMVX] ] The intro of my first game (video)

Yeah, to share stuff on this site, you'll need to create a game page. Look for the Submissions tab on the top of the screen.

I watched the intro. While you did very well to capture the old-school feeling, the English (both spelling and grammar) is very poor, even for an early RPG. Lines like "You... you pathetic heretics!! I will... I will send you all to the place you must be!!" sound really awkward and will more likely get a giggle out of the player than be taken at all seriously. Unless this game is supposed to be totally silly and is a parody and I'm missing something, I'd avoid lines like that.

As for mistakes, here's just a few examples I caught:

"I can blow them with only one strike."

Here, "I can blow them away with only one strike" would sound much better. Trust me on this.

"Guys, the time is over."

That doesn't sound natural. "Guys, we're out of time" or something else would work better.

"We don't have time to loose"

"We don't have time to lose" is what you're looking for. "Loose" means something else entirely.

"Wait a second, a will turn off the fire."

First off, the "a" should be "I". People generally don't "turn off" a fire like you would a stove or computer or something. They "put out" the fire.

"Guys this is extrange. I don't like this."

You should use English spell-checking. Extrange isn't a word. You're probably looking for "strange" here.

"The party tries to open the door, but it is closed."

But why is it still closed? Is it locked, barred, broken, or what?

"There is nobody on the castle?"

It should be "there is nobody in the castle" or maybe, alternately "where is everyone?"

"We must go on. The world fate is in our hands. We couldn't loose."

"We must go on. The world's fate is in our hands. We can't lose."

"Have you wake up?"

"Are you awake?" Also, the candles dance on the walls here. I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to move?

"Erease that gloomy face, guy. We are alive!!"

It's spelled "Erase."
Thank you. I will change thoose mistakes :)

[RMVX] ] The intro of my first game (video)

Hello guys. I just started a game three days beforr and I want to post here the intro of the game. [youtube][/youtube]

Some 8bit music!!

The links you provided don't work SZandex! I think it's because you linked to the playlist of your music, not the individual songs them selves.

Try linking to a page without a playlist like this

These are rad though! You went into a lot of detail with the 8 Bit sounds.
How do you make these? If you don't mind me asking.
Thank for suscribing to my channel. I make the music editing midis via gscx. Is quite easy. You only need to have the program and the midis. Thank you

Some 8bit music!!

Hey guys. I love to remaster songs in 8bit and I want to share some of my videos. Here is the complete ffvi soundtrack remastered in 8bits

Here is the full ffiv ost in 8 bits

The Suikoden I world map theme in 8 bits

And the guts theme in 8bits

I hope you like the music.
Have a nice day :)

Hey guys!!

Tahnk you too much guys. I will upload my music (8bits covers) when I can. Thank you too much :)

Hey guys!!

Hello all of you! I'm SZandex!

I registered to this site one month ago but I did nothing until today. So consider this as my greet and as my first post.

I'm from Spain and I always liked rpg games. I'm currently working on a project I started two days ago. The games I like to do are mainly 8 bit style and I usually use rpg maker VX, ACE and 2003. I have no much skill with the program but I know the bassics and I want to improve my skills.

May some of you know me as Landofthedead or bohemianworld. I like to make 8bit covers of songs and I also like to make rpg maker games. I also like music. I was in a band since I play drums. But I left the band a week ago.

I hope I enjoy my stay here :)