I'm not even good at descriptions (and I'm good at writting ¬ ¬) but I will try...

I'm a guy from Spain (Madrid) but I live in Cadiz. I love music, I love to play the drums and RPG's games in general. I Have some skills with rpg maker vx/ace and with 2003. I have tried the others but I don't like them too much.
I also like writting poetry and writting plots for stories.

Well this is me :)


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It looks nice, good job! :D
thank you xD


Kloe will jump in and kill the evil looking Dracula guy before he eats those kids!
lol xD

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I wonder if only one, only one job asking thread leads finally to a team.

How to Properly Form A Team On RMN And What Follows

idea story for my game

Well, good luck! I say, go for it.
thank you :)

idea story for my game

That took a leap. Your protagonist has a clear, concise goal. That in and of itself will drive your story. What can you think of that'll get in ol' Drac's way? Maybe she's filming something else or on holidays or at the award show?
As long as Dracula doesn't succeed for whatever reason (a body guard or producer etc getting in his way) then, it could grow compelling. You could even ramp it up to find out that Hardwicke is actually a spurned ex succubi of Dracula from the old era, trying to tarnish the legend of vampires.
It's a fun idea you could do a lot with. Interested to see where you take it!
thank you. The dracula I'm basing this is the bram stroker one. He can pass throught walls and being invisible, so I will try to skip some things. His enenemy will be the sun. He will travel to the eeuu. But he will be catched because someone things he's a ghost and he will be hitted, revealing he identity. So he will flee and he will start a normal life to gain money. When ge gets a reputation in society he will try to defeat catherine. Also, remember that this is a joke story

idea story for my game

Well... I was thinking of making a game about vampires and I have this idea for a story. I want to have some review and feedback it is posible

Dracula wakes up in his old castle. He's has been sleeping 200 years and he wants to do what he liked to do 200 years before. Scaring the world and sucking blood. So he uses his invicibility and he go t the place he used to live. But he noticed something weird... the place he was living isn't the same. There is technology, cars, more people, etc...
He see a lace called "Cinema" and saw a vampire film in a cartel. He don't know what a film is but he visit the cinema to see what's it. (Is nightime at that moment). He go to the cinema and he's scared: "The images are moving! The vampires are alive!. But he noticed they where fake, he was watching twlight. When the film ends he's messed up. But
he don't understand anything, so he go to a bookshop, he enter the bookshop and he picks all the books he can. When he finished reading many books (the people thought that he was a ghost) he understand many things. Internet, cinema, story, he can believe nothing! But now he has only a goal... Killing Catherine Hardwicke the director of twilight.

thanks for reading ^^

Posers phrases thread!

I've found that the only people who care enough to say that people who care about posers are posers are posers themselves.
troll... This only a joke xD. And how did you say the same that esby? XD

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