I'm not even good at descriptions (and I'm good at writting ¬ ¬) but I will try...

I'm a guy from Spain (Madrid) but I live in Cadiz. I love music, I love to play the drums and RPG's games in general. I Have some skills with rpg maker vx/ace and with 2003. I have tried the others but I don't like them too much.
I also like writting poetry and writting plots for stories.

Well this is me :)


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My game submitting is taking to much time -.-

It can take up to a week (or longer if there are a lot of submissions). Please be patient, they have to be manually checked out. ^_^
I'm a bit unpatient xD

My game submitting is taking to much time -.-

@unity: nope. Three days

Meat Your Maker Review Event (Week 5 Deer Sausage)

Where the next event about this will start. And what is your nick name in steam?

I'll be abroad for a week and a bit, so posts will probably be a bit sporadic at times.

Structure Mafia [Night 3]

Lynch me please I don't wanna play more

Posers phrases thread!

Guy one: I love Iron maiden. They are the coolest metal band
Guy 2: your favorite song?
Guy 1: bloodline brothers
Guy2: Do you like any song of their 80s?
Guy1: what!? Iron maiden exist in the 80s?!
Guu 2: punch him in the face.

post your picture

I look to serious xD but when I smile my eyes gets to tiny:<

In this pic I look less serious xD.
Rocking out with the drums!

*I didn't notice they're too big -.-
In order to see the pictures you must open it in a new tab

Is this plagiarism?

As far as parody goes, 10% difference is all it takes to not get sued.
However, for serious stuff, I don't know. Maybe they bought rights to adapt it or something?
I don't thing the french black metal community will aprove that. They're too underground and too elitist xD. But that song was serious and it's nocturnal depression's most famous song.

Is this plagiarism?

Szandex aren't you the one remaking classic 16-bit soundtracks?
you catch me! XD but I said they are remakes XD

Is this plagiarism?

People have used samples from other songs in their compositions for millions of years. You said it yourself, "The intro sounds like this song", if it's only the intro, then it's ok.

I don't know what you mean by "affecting music industry", like, what? Plagiarism? Using samples in compositions?
Yeah I know that. But I was wrong. Is all the song xD. Yeah but that's true. Using samplers isn't bad bit know that I hear it again isn't only the intro IS ALL THE FUCKING SONG!!