I have created RPG games for 5 years. In Finnish but... They are still pretty good... Still I never published anything full-length game, because I compose a lot and I like to create games for fun.



Building a Library of Images for Everyone

Nice to see ya working on many things like free music and pictures! Keep it up!

New to the RM Scene

Nice to see ya here! Looking forward to see what you achieve!

[RMVX] What happened to Tankentai's battle system?

Tanketai dissapeared? really? Was one of the first I used too. Hope someone knows something about it

RpgDev - An RPG development toolkit

Looks good so far. Going to be following how you develope it even further!

I Am An Oldnewb

Nice to have old fellows back to our midst!

Classic Remastered OST from Games - Released Every Week!

Midnight Mountain Music made anew by remaking Music from Spyro Year of the Dragon soundtrack!


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This song from Spyro Soundtrack is quite unique. Violin pizzicato is something I did not see Stewart Copeland try in many places when making soundtrack for the Spyro Trilogy, so some change in instruments is a welcomed change. This, however, doesn't make the song feel too off as it still keeps its original feeling of Spyro franchise.

As one of the final hub areas it does not feel too dark either, sharing it's curious and often happy feel with many songs in the soundtrack. It has night elements to it while keeping up with steady organ and bass groove pace.

Classic Remastered OST from Games - Released Every Week!

Spyro the Dragon Sunny Beach theme made into new! Gentle guitars making this song stand out from Spyro 2 OST!


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Sunny Beach theme from Spyro the Dragon Soundtrack is very happy and up-beat song. Beach is always something every young lad loves... swimming, building sand castles and running on the hot sand. It's one level in Ripto's Rage which is not necessarily my favourite level as its too positive and all around the place. That is why we have a focus to remaster it to a whole new glory and rather tranquill, yet energic beach song. I hope you enjoy!

Discord - Come Voice Chat with Us!

Discord is really phenomenal way to have a forum, its the way of the future. I have been seeing so many handy ways to use it. RMN discord is a great place to have live discussion about rpg maker related matters

Classic Remastered OST from Games - Released Every Week!

Spyro The dragon 2 Opening theme remade with brand new instruments! Perhaps we shall see something like this in upcoming Spyro Reignited!


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This was the first melody I even heard from Spyro the Dragon soundtrack as it was the first spyro game I played. It is one of the rarest songs as it is at the same time game opening theme and background song for the opening level in the spyro game.

Drums, organ and guitars accompany you to adventure in Avalar! Elora the Faun and Hunter the Cheetah will introduce you to new worlds, adventures, and enemies such as Ripto, Crush and Gulp!

Royalty-Free Music Corner - High-Quality Music for your Games

Call of the North for Vikings! Epic Powerful Viking background Music Experience the Fierce Spirit of the most Infamous raiders ever lived… Vikings! Truly atmospheric northern music!

Vikings are known for their fierce history of being the most infamous raiders across the europe and even in eastern parts of the known world then! Viking Music always had drums, great background vocals and the spirit connecting to their way of life back in Scandinavia.

This instrumental background royalty free song, telling the story of vikings in music format, is free of charge, licensed under Creative Commons!