I have created RPG games for 5 years. In Finnish but... They are still pretty good... Still I never published anything full-length game, because I compose a lot and I like to create games for fun.


Reception in Youtube for the first trailer for RPG Maker Mz was 50/50 with likes and dislikes

Nice to see features of RPG Maker MZ in Action. However in youtube comments the reception is mixed and many people show how they are bit concerned. What are your thoughts on the first trailer?

List of new changes made by TitanKaempfer
Well first of all obviously new assets but this was to expect.
0:15 - There is now a list for events on the map right above the list of maps. Seemingly you can somehow switch between this list and the tile set pieces. (maybe the events are shown when you are in event mode and the tileset is shown when drawing the map)
0:16 - The character editor now allows for repositioning generator parts. You'll use arrows to move them around and they're located next to the colors.
0:24 - The show message function has a new input field that is labeled with "Namae" (translating into Name, you can also see it in various database for the name field). It is not shown what it does, but it most likely will show a name when displaying the message box.
0:25 - There seems to be some kind of function to auto complete words/a dictionary.
0:32 - The battle animation tab is seemingly reworked a lot (at least from the order of stuff). It also seems like you can only use one graphic instead of two like you could before which actually would be an downgrade. (But maybe you still can mix them and they just pressed on those only having one graphic set and two would be listed liked "graphic set 1 + graphic set 2")

Join us! Community of Artists, Musicians, Coders, Developers, Writers and More!

Elokas - a community of Artists, Musicians, Coders, Developers, Writers and More! We have already over 150 members.

We at Elokas are building a group of creative people together. That place is to connect, make and join projects either for free collaborations of paid works. Share your own works, join our projects and connect to many other creative folk!

This place is to make a group that helps each-other growing their individual work. Also we will have bigger projects coming in future!

Send me a private message or reply to this thread to get into the group!

[ARTIST FOR HIRE] Original Quality Music! - Affordable, Flexible and Talented Composer at your service!

Need Music or SFX? Freelancer Composer At Your Service

I am a freelancer composer with experience of making music for TV, Radio, Games, Animations and other media. Starting from 2013 I have worked with large to small clients with all genres of music.

My Website:

I am looking for projects that need quality custom audio playing in background. Working independently even in a short notice while making music that satisfies my clients is what I specialize in. Will do any request in any music style. Orchestral, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Electronic, Rap… you name it. Please have a look of my previous works. Contact and I can start the work right away.

MY Previous Work:

Contact Here:

Classic Remastered OST from Games - Released Every Week!

Hello and Welcome to Remake Heaven, the place where nostalgia and music meets one another!

Vote Next Remake:

Listen Music at SoundCloud:

This is a music project of one composer who wants to bring back old nostalgic songs from games and remake them in the respected way for the new generation. I have been prepairing a huge load of songs which will be uploaded here due time. Every week I will be remastering and releasing that at Remake Heaven and at my YouTube channel

I make remakes either from scratch or use midi as a base which people have made and shared in internet (all will be credited)


Royalty-Free Music Corner - High-Quality Music for your Games

If you are looking for music for your games, you have came to the right place

To this topic, there will be posted free music made by myself. I create music in daily basis, and I have a YouTube channel where I upload free music every week. Music from epic orchestral to calm background music. All mp3 high-quality.

Please consider supporting my music work by tipping a dollar or two if you decide to download them. Any money generated by this site will be used to develop music further.

Check out all the music collections and download content which you would like to use.


How to Download Royalty Free Songs?

1. Go to my Website and check there out your favourite tune
2. Press either to download the song for a free mp3 or pay to get any other file format
3. There is a "credits" box, copy that to your game or media and you can now use the song for free.
4. Tadaa! You are ready to use the Royalty Free Music File! It is that simple!


Check out all the music collections and download content which you would like to use, some of them are constantly updated​



More information about me:


Feel free to use any of the royalty free music tracks under creative commons licence in your games (by adding my name to the credits)


Look at descriptions of each song and put my name at credits accordingly. Creative Commons only applies for works properly credited!

Newest Royalty Free Song

3 hours of portfolio/Composer offers his services

-> Are you looking for original music for your project? Then you have came to the right place! <-

Elias Luukkanen


My name is Elias Luukkanen, and I am composer from Finland. I compose music, mostly orchestral songs, in daily basis.

I've been around from 2013 and I've already been in one commercial game, one indie game, creating music for a theater play, composed music for (Finnish) TV and Radio, and etc.

I have worked in game projects as a composer before, and now I'm here to offer my music composing services for you.

Visit either my Soundcloud or CV, you will find hours of music to be listened for free, some samples of my work.

My CV:

Visit my SoundCloud at

Check out my YouTube Channel

I can create:

  • music in any genre required
  • music in short time periods
  • high quality music with the most professional virtual instruments

I have experienced making music for:

  • Games
  • TV
  • Commercials
  • Radio
  • Theater
  • etc.



If you choose me as your music composer I'll deliver you the best music experience for your project.

I offer my services for an negotionable price, so if you have a project in mind where you are needing inspiring music, be sure to contact me in my website or by sending me an email at:


Thank you for your interest, I'm looking forward to work with you!

Need Finnish game testers [RMVX]

Hi everyone, I'm currently developing a game called Lux Libertas. I just published first demo v0.1. Game will be translated in English but currently it's in Finnish. ('cause I'm Finnish guy)

If you speak finnish or you are just curious, just download the demo, feedback is appreciated!

Game website

Listen my music over 2 hours for free

Hello there people! My real name is Elias Luukkanen, and I am Finnish composer. Previously I have created music for games, radio shows, commercials, videos and etc.

My CV:

I have uploaded over two hours of music into internet, so It is free for listening. I made these last year.

Here is my website:

Also check out my fiverr page for profitable composing offers:

I can create music of fine quality in rather short time periods. If you have a project in mind where you are needing a soundtrack please contact me via soundcloud or email: elias.luukkanen(at)gmail(.)com

Thank you for your interest! ;)

Tales of Sound and Music Royalty-free Music Album

Hi everyone, my name is Elias Luukkanen and I’m 18-years old composer from Finland. I have news which might interest you…

Yesterday I published my first Indoegogo campaign for a Royalty-free music album called “Tales of Sound and Music”.

It contains 45 fantasy-themed tracks, and by purchasing it you can use the music without paying any royalties.

Visit the campaign page!

Listen some examples for free!

If you have time, visit the campaign site and comment your opinion, I would really appreciate that.

By contributing just 1$ you can listen the whole album for a one week online and by contributing just 15 dollars (early bird) you get the digital download of album!
But the reason I’m here is not the money, it would be fantastic to have real people to give their inspiration and influence to this very project. I have worked so hard to get this done, and it would be wonderful to share that experience with you. It has taught me many useful skills, gave me new thoughts and more experience.
If you're interested about this project, please share it on your social media sites.

Thank you very much guys, cheers!

Support the project by sharing the campaign in social media or make a contribution! There's awesome and generous perks waiting for you. Just by conributiting 1 $ you can listen the album for a one week online, or by contributing just 15$ you'll get the complete album (early bird)

Thank you for your time ;)

How to customize your game profile HELP!!!

I would like to put somekind of image backround to my project with css. I have tried, but it does not work! What should i do? Can somebody talentive css writer help me in this request? I have tried this:
body {background-image:url(;}


I think this is not css, but still...

Please help me!
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