Looking for the blog option.


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Blogs can only be added to accepted game pages. If you just added your game page to the site you have to wait for it to be accepted. This will happen only if your game is at the site standard - that is, decent grammar/spelling and mapping in screenshots.

After acceptance you will be able to add pages, blogs and other bits and pieces to your page.
Interesting. So blogs on this site are only about specific games? As in, I can't do a blog about gaming philosophy in general that would cover all my games?
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
If it's about game philosophy in general, it could be a thread under the Game Discussion and Development forum, or possibly the Game Design and Theory forum. I'd say the GD&T forum would be best suited for your purpose, but this is just my opinion.
As Marrend says - but it then wouldn't be just about your games. Others are free to chime in and discuss about the subject using their own games or commercial games as examples, too.

You could create a blog on a game page and discuss the gaming philosophy of your games, but if you want to just talk about game philosophy in general a topic in the correct forum (which would be GD&T, like Marrend recommended) would work fine.
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Right, blogs are for specific games. If you want something a little less discussiony and more explanationy than a forum topic, you can also write an article.
Good to know. Thank you all for the feedback. I went ahead and submitted my current project, with the requisite screenshots.

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