Someone sad, but not edgy.




I'm in love with SIAM... New 2D wife.
Btw when I downloaded the game, the system2c.png file was missing from the System2 folder so I had to get it myself.

Hi! Thank you for downloding!
I'll try to reupload a better one, so thanks for informing me.

Hi Sooya! ♥I really enjoyed SIAM! I uploaded a non-RTP version for you, with the missing files included.
So everyone should be able to play this game now without RTP.

SIAM/StressGame (Non-RTP)

(EDIT: I also included RPG_RT.EXE because I had trouble running on my Windows 7 computer)

This is very well done. I really liked SIAM. Please make more games Sooya!

Thank you for playing! I'm gald you enjoyed it. Also, thank you for uploading a complete pack! (It really helps a lot.)
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