Your game is a cross between anime. Elfen Lied and Death Note? Also, you have bad grammar.

rpg 1.jpg

Horrible grammar.

Vekasoul Scene.png

What's with the bad grammar?
Yes, but i couldn't stay around long enough to see where he was heading.

Time to wake up!.png

"Seth wake up! you are going to be late!"

Duel Against Teacher.png

Are you ready my sudent? I will not go easy on you.

Deleting a Game Page

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Why... why would you do that...
Because it was the game called "The Most Pointless Game Ever", and maybe people were flaming it?

FF HA Cover.png

OMG MAPLEFAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL. Just kidding.
Well, the cover looks crappy.


Isn't that RPG Maker VX, not a custom engine?

Large project in the works

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Sounds terrible.