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Valkyrie Stories - Escallion Rising Review

this review is indeed pretty asinine. but i guess it is another example of how rmn reviews are like amazon reviews, they're only rejected if the author heils hitler or threatens to blow up post office 03477. at least adon didn't give it 5/5 based on how fast the download was or something.

Nearly 40% of all reviews submitted to this site are rejected and never see the light of day on The moderation results are even more stringent for games, where only 37% of submissions ever are accepted. Both of those statistics include times that a submission was originally denied for various reasons before being fixed and ultimately accepted -- making the initial approval rate even less. To suggest that everything that tries to come through the gates is accepted is an opinion that, well, isn't based on facts at all.

What's the big deal about expecting good writing in a review so it does not reflect our site as one of bad content?

I agree with this to an extent. However, what do you think reflects worse on the site -- that there is bad user-created content that exists along with the good, or that anytime a newer user submits content that maybe isn't up to snuff they are mocked, ridiculed and ran off with pitchforks?

For a personal example, there was a new user that joined a few months ago that was pretty tenured in another community. They submitted their game here it looked pretty original and quality-- I was following it. They abruptly quit two months later and when I asked them about it, they stated it was because of this type of negativity in the community that they decided to leave and go somewhere more positive.

This kind of stuff happens a lot and it's just not new people that it puts off. I know it's easier to complain about something than try to be helpful, but sometimes we let that get out of hand.


Deckiller is right, this game was released a relatively decent time after A Blurred Line. For pre-ABL Lys games, try The Book of Three.

As far as Phantasy Star III2k is concerned, however, I believe the game was released as part of one of Lys' original Release Something! events and was in no way meant to be a polished release. This was back when RS! events were actual "stop production midstream and show us what you have so far!" moments and not about synchronizing release dates for polished demos.

Iron Gaia Review

I razzed Magi about being the thought police and he got mad and approved it anyway.

T Review

h1soka, you do realize that opinions are subjective?

T Review

I think Brickroad did a good job detailing what he liked, what he didn't like and what he would do to improve the game. I think it is wonderful that he was able to offer constructive criticism without being deviant about it. However, what bothers me is if Quintessence, one of the more highly regarded RPG Maker games, rates a 2 out 5 stars upon a serious, critical review, what does a 1 out of 5 star game look like? There is not a whole lot of wiggle room between 0 and 2. Can we give sonic & mario a -5? What does a 5 star RPG Maker game look like? Does it exist? If it doesn't why score that high anyway? Why not use a curve? Do we review amateur games with the same lenses that we would review a commercial game? This is not so much a criticism of Brickroad's review, which I thought was very good, but rather of the reviews in our community in general.

T Review

statistic, maybe you should write your own review and submit it as an alternative opinion!

sonic and mario demo Review

I just completed the demo as well and share these sentiments.
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