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Things We Wish For... Part 1.

If it was up to me, it would work like this.

Everything, everything, EVERYTHING on the site should be comment-able. Games, reviews, articles, screenshots of games, etc. Sometimes I want to say something about an article or a screenshot, but making an entire thread about it on the forums would be silly.

This may lower the post count on the forum, but that is irrelevant. The strength of a community should be on the progress of the site, not merely based upon forum activity. There is a certain "rpgmaker" community out there that has hundreds of thousands of posts, but the site is a virtual ghost town because no one has any reason to go there (nor did they when they even bothered to update the site.) Besides, you will still be able to post "hype" threads, game discussion threads, polls, etc about the games on the forums. However, for something like this to be effective, the entire look and feel of the latest submissions tab would have to be extemely organized, and subscriptions to not only games, but to users in general would be important.

For example, I like Brickroad's articles. RMN lets me know through my subscription that Brick has had another article published on the site. I would also be able to see the article added on a "latest section" without it being drown out by 30 screenshot updates. This would mitigate the need for Brick to "double post" his article as a stupid thread on the forums so someone notices his article.

The Great Console Count

Microsoft Xbox 360
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo GameCube
Sony PlayStation 2

New Article: Your Intro Sucks

There was, like, a two minute delay between you submitting the article to RMN and you posting it on the forums. This isn't McDonalds. It took twenty minutes from the time you submitted the article to it getting approved. Try submitting something to Gaming World if you really want to see "when the admins will get around to accepting it."


It took you four years, and it's the right time of year... almost like you graduated!

Now fix all the bugs. :(