[Poll] Judging whether to download a game? What do you look for?

For me it's a mixture of things, but mostly it's about description/gameplay and screenshots/art. But not conceptual art... It's hard to describe..

Warning, personal opinion:
I'm one of those people that completely and utterly hate (retail) games that have trailers that never show a single piece of actual UI or gameplay. I'm not here to watch a movie, I'm trying to decide if I want to play a game, and most of that will be through gameplay/UI.

So my answer would be: Screenshots that show gameplay elements mentioned in descriptions. It's one thing to have a beautiful description, but ideas are just the first step, you have to realize them and put them into a game that's (subjectively) fun


Maybe he's born with it~


How come his sprite...

Dude, what are you trying to say? Why did you not finish this question? Now we'll never know what you wanted to ask :(

Forever's End

He probably meant that one mansion whose name I can't recall that gets swallowed in a time rift after you beat the boss.
It does? I don't remember, haven't played this since forever.

You remember a little bit about the story about how the party members seperated after that 'dungeon' was over? No spoilers :3


*throws Phoenix Down*

Forever's End

but some of you guys just had to prove me wrong and beat him anyway! ;P
Time to input some Insta-death moves, a move that sacrifices a super-weak minion to fully recover the bosses HP with no Limit, and a spell that makes all allies fall asleep with 100% accuracy. That ought to make it tougher ;D

How about every time just before you manage to beat Kenshin, he intercepts with a skill called 'Load Save State 01' and you get teleported back to the beginning of the zone

The Great Purge ~ engine changes

Can I just say how refreshing it is to see a female avatar with some realistic breast sizes? >.> They look great!

Anyways, good news on the move to Ace


Do we need to Scan things for them to show up in the Bestiary with full info?


Chocobo! Boco!

Final Fantasy Discovery has official artwork!

I don't care if Parker is male or female. I'd hit that <3