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Barkley 2 Kickstarter

Barkley 2 Kickstarter

Hey dudes. I was considering posting this on my RMN blog, but I think this has more traffic so, yeah Barkley 2 is running a Kickstarter. I don't want to say too much, but anyone from GW knows most of these dudes like Chef, Konix, Bort, Frankie, etc. This game concept originated from an RM community.

Game looks really really good. A lot of people on RMN kind of miss games for whatever reason. Plus I want to spread the word. There is a lot of great content on the Kickstarter so far, so don't take much from this post, it's just a small bit.

To put a different perspective on this. It's an example of community and dev growth. Barkley 1 started out in Rpgmaker2003. It went from GM, game was released and here we have the second game. It looks really good. Rm is a good stepping stone, only limited to your creativity.

I'm very happy for these guys, because they put the work in, they aren't trying to steal money from people, and they're creating something unique. This is an example of Kickstarter being used for good. So if you know people, or want to support the game the link is there for you guys. WAT DEW.

latest blogs in the middle of the front page?

is anyone else finding it kind of annoying to have to scroll in the middle just to see what new blogs are available? tbh, it's the only most likely "new" content posted regularly and one of the few reasons some people check the website.

latest reviews
latest articles
latest media
and then latest blogs?

i mean, come on, man, let's be fair, most of the side bar stuff is mostly junk that never gets updated on a regular basis. i do not understand the design choice, but i am finding it a little annoying to scroll in the middle for content i check daily.

like, if blogs were up top, i wouldn't ever need to scroll down because even before the new rmn, i never checked anything below that it was just pretty much zzz content for me.

yeah, not trying to say anything bad, cool site-etc-etc but would it not make more sense to have the blog posts somewhere higher?

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 creeps from the shadows...


Recently released fighting game that everyone loves to hate. If you have not
purchased this video game and enjoy entertaining fighting games you're missing out. 20 American dollars, if you bought the previous game you can sell it for around 10 and you're only paying 10 dollars.

Not only are there 8 new stages, 12 new characters, and the ability to X-factor(in mid air as a defensive option) they dumbed the fighting game down GREATLY. In MVC3 you could take someone from 100 to 0 with a well placed, well timed /w assist combo/super.

The days of fearing the literally endless Tron and Dante combos are over to appeal to the casuals(bads). Basically in MVC3 you were either beast or bad. Along with the OTG fix and the damage scaling fix, hp has been scaled down as well but it evens out because you can't take someone from 100 to 0 % anymore.

My Experience

Look, I've been a fan from day one. The biggest issue floating around this game is MVC3 was in fact, an earlier(unfinished)version of UMV3, so people are upset they paid 60 dollars for half a game. Fair enough, but it is still a fun experience. Did I feel like they gamed my money? No. Because I had fun with both games. The only people who have an issue with this are human beings who take video games too seriously.

You can now go into a lobby and watch games in progress through spectator mode, Heroes and Heralds mode will be available as free dlc later as a fun card collection game to add weird and fun stats like infinite supers/super armor/etc during gameplay.

People are upset that the roster does not include Mega Man. Capcom is slowly phasing out MM with the creator gone. Accept it. Capcom has thrown the fans a bone and added a DLC costume that looks exactly like X for Zero.

I'll tell you about my experiences with the new characters so far.

Hawkeye: If you like simple zoning he is very very good. I personally don't like him that much because Visuals are important to me and to be honest I'm not a very big Marvel fan

Phoenix Wright: A very-VERY technical character, PW is an incredibly fun character to play, ain't gunna lie. The problem is that his skillcap is very high otherwise high tier characters like Wesker will eat you up. But man, when you win with PW online, you're king.

Strider: Plays exactly like MVC2, very low health but ridiculous ability to chain combos. Very technical character. I don't play him much because his health is very low, but he has one of the best assists in the game along with his x-factor level 3 super.

Frank West: Along with PW, Frank is really fun and a lot easier to use than PW. He's less technical but they both have a similar game mechanic where you have to level up to use his more powerful moves. I have a theory that FW will end up being high tier, people are just still getting used to the new characters.

Doctor Strange: I haven't used him much, but he is a very good zoner, before release they thought he would be very very good, but I don't see many people play him online.

Ghost Rider: Haven't played him but he's used as a zoning character. I haven't played good GR players yet. He is very zone heavy so once you get in he's gone.

Iron Fist: Technical character and hard to use but does incredible damage. He has stances that give him different perks: meter build, defense, str, etc. Good players will take your life meter down very quickly, but he is not very mobile.

Nova: Pretty cheap character with low health. I played him a few times but I got bored because his damage output is ridiculous and his combos are derp friendly. You can take someones health down very quickly with him with very little effort. Pretty popular online.

Rocket Raccoon: Great zoner, has the lowest health in the game. People do not like RR very much because he's a very very technical zoner. I have a lot of fun with him if i'm playing with friends, but if you want to beat someone I wouldn't suggest him.

Firebrand: A really decent Trish character. He's actually a really great character but I don't play him much. His damage is really really low, but he can combo for ages much like Zero.

Nemesis: Before UMVC3 was released people through Nem wouldn't be that good. He ended up because really REALLY amazing. You can do some very very good mix ups with Nem, and has great command grabs. His solo combos are incredibly damaging and he feels like a more mobile hulk.

Vergil: One of the most played characters you see in online from the new roster. He's one of those characters who you can play "badly" and still deliver ridiculous results and if you play him well you just destroy people.

Overall it's a really fun game. You don't have to be exceptionally amazing in order to beat someone or have a good time. Yes there are people out there who will blow you up. Get over it. A bunch of my friends also host a weekly online lobby for casuals, infact there are a lot of great lobbies hosted. I can't speak for the PS3 community though.

If I didn't think this game was fun or worth your time I wouldn't have wrote all of this. If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them. I hope at least a few of you who enjoy fighting games picks this up, I know UPRC and MOG like fighting games.

MOG I think you should buy this...


where will you be going when rmn shuts down?

if you have an alternative blog for your game, music, art, etc, please drop it in this topic so people can bookmark it and stay connected with you! will you be left out in the cold with no place to lay your tiles? i also suggest informing people who subscribed to your blogs and let them know whats going on as well.

is where i will be spending most of my time. buddy up and find a new home before it's too late(rrr)

does it shock you that there are rm games out there that match commercial ones?

it shocks me. it shocks me that one person can create an entertaining experience while a team of paid people with tons of resources at their disposal can't. i'm not even saying in all cases surpass, but match. sometimes i just step back and shake my head. it's pretty crazy. it really says how awful the game industry has turned into.

goes to show how worthwhile fullsail is. my hats off to the hard working creators.

marvel vs capcom 3

i am the player online you see with hsien-ko and you think "well this should be a breeze" after running around in the air for 30 seconds you cripple my hsien-ko with your insane air combos. felicia enters the fight and just runs around the screen until you ultimately drop me with your 3 chained super.

and then, i appear with sentinel, you're scared...but just a little because you hear the rumors...and then the sentinel spamming begins.

has anyone played this game yet? it's kind of disappointing, because i was a big fan of marvel vs capcom 2 and the exceptionally fun characters and pixel work, but it's a pretty fun game to pick up and play online.

Rewards for good blog post.

I don't know if this has been addressed yet. I would like to hear feedback about it in general. I think it would be cool to reward users (somehow) for writing interesting, relevant to game design, pictures, diagrams, sketches, etc. You know, real interesting stuff regarding their projects. You go on the front page and just see rows of "brb wow" "i am eating" "vote 4 favorite dadchar" and the list goes on.

I mean, I've poked fun at the whole one liner blogs myself, because I thought it was kind of funny at first. I realize that the blog feature is open to anyone to post anything about their game. WIP has said many times he wants people to have a level of freedom with blogs. That's great too. But, it's sort of tainting the main page with all this useless "gibba jabba".

I don't know, maybe it's because I see really interesting blogs kicked off by a row of "brb dorito run" and so on and so forth. Maybe it's just me who feels like interesting with real meat in them blog posts deserve some kind of reward.

I am not trying to be rude, so I'm sorry if this post sounds that way! I apologize for being concerned with your interwebs!

ah, for you wilfred the hero and sunset over imdahl fans.

i got to talk a little with teo, the visual creator of wilfred the hero and sunset over imdahl. this kind of goes out to the fans if you're interested, since he sort of vanished. since this is sort of relevant to game design or something i thought i would drop it here for the few fans that still follow his work. he's a really nice guy.

maybe this will awaken brandon abley from his eternal slumber.

better version can be found here
The Machine Factory has manufactured yet another fine interview! Hello friends of Meridian Dance, I was able to get a few words with Teo, the creator of Sunset Over Imdahl. Not only is it a full game, but it's filled with original beautiful art! It's one of the few games you can find out in the world wide internet that utilizes hand drawn art. Teo is also known for being the graphical mastermind behind Wilfred the Hero. Grab some of your finest tea, and perhaps sit down on a nice comfy couch, as we take a look into creative mind of Teo Mathlein!

TFT: Can you remember what got you interested in RM? Sunset Over Imdahl is delightfully creative. How did you decide on hand drawing everything?

Teo: I think one reason was just realizing that I *could* make a game without tile-based graphics in Rm2k and I wanted to be the first to do it. The plot for Sunset Over Imdahl was in many ways invented to fit a graphical version I already had. For example; from a graphical perspective I figured it would be more efficient to re-use each scene in four seasonal variations, and that's why I made up a story involving time travel.

TFT: Are you surprised that Sunset Over Imdahl and Wilfred the Hero is still talked about in the RM scene?

Teo: Yeah, kind of! Indie games with hand drawn graphics aren't rare anymore. What still could make Sunset Over Imdahl stand out is that it's finished. Whatever the reason, I think it's awesome it isn't forgotten

TFT: Would you ever consider doing another game?

Teo: I'm making one right now! I'm currently studying computer game development at Stockholm university and am working on a puzzle platformer with two of my mates from class.

TFT: Do you still browse the RM communities? Or was it just a stepping stone for you before moving on to bigger and better projects?

Teo: I still browse indie games, but I rarely come across rm games. I think the majority of rm users are pretty young, I was maybe 16 when I started working on Sunset Over Imdahl. It feels like most older, more serious game developers move on to other platforms... which is a shame, because the simplicity of rm programs gives you the chance to tell a story in a way that you wouldn't have time for with a program where you have to script everything yourself.

TFT: Sunset Over Imdahl or Wilfred the Hero? Which one did you enjoy making more?

Teo: Wilfred the Hero, no contest. It's always more fun to work on team.

TFT: Do you still keep in contact with Brandon Abley?

Teo: Not on a regular basis, but we're still good. I made an album cover for him like a month ago!

TFT: A lot of people still think you guys are working on some secret project that will go commercial. Can you clear these rumors up?

Teo: I wish we were. A couple years ago Brandon approached me with an idea of turning Wilfred the Hero commercial, and start paying me for graphics. I never really managed to get focused so I kind of blew it off. I really regret that now.

TFT: Has Sunset or Wilfred opened any doors for you in the art world?

Teo: You'd think so, but no. People outside the community aren't very impressed with rm games.

TFT: Do you ever talk about your games outside of the communities?

Teo: Very rarely. I kind of like it that way though. It's nice to have built a little world of your own, outside of your social sphere.

TFT: How long have you been drawing?

Teo: Since forever, I guess. I remember that I started to get serious with it sometime in early high school, but I've always been doodling in one way or another.

TFT: What is your favorite art tool to use?

Teo: My Wacom Intuos A4. I pretty recently bought a Wacom Cintiq- which is a pen-tablet with a built in screen, but I haven't decided if it's actually useful or if it only looks cool.

TFT: Can we expect anything from you in the future?

Teo: Like I said, I'm currently working on my game with two guys from my school. Anyone who is interested can check out

Enter your email and we'll let you know when the game is out.

TFT: Well, it's been really fun, thank you for taking the time to talk with me!

Teo: My pleasure!

There you have it. Be sure if haven't already to check out Teo's delightful and inspiring games Wilfred the Hero and Sunset Over Imdahl. Be sure to check his site as well, Maridianites!

is coffee really the only way?

so i've recently started to drink coffee. i've always sort of been against it because it's pretty disgusting. i'm at the point where i wake up in the morning and i am just a zombie and the day just drags along and i'm not alert at all, which makes me unproductive, procastination, etc.

coffee seems to help, a lot, but it's gross. i would like to have some kind of alternative.
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