The Ocarina

I played after your walkthrough. After getting the flowers I got the lucky clover from the shrine. I tried every song and got the wet paper. The letter I got after not understanding the frog first. The only thing I could do was talking to the cat or changing the flowers to the bell. After the cat left I entered the cave and got the ending "all alone".

Oh, then you have to make sure it's daytime, and it's at present (no sepia-like tint). Use the bell on the shrine, and play the Requiem of Spirit.

The Ocarina

Very confusing.
Only get the secret ending (all alone).
Couldn't offer anything to the shrine.
But got a letter, a wet paper and a lucky clover (from the shrine).

Have you checked out the other side of the forest (the frog side) when it's flooding?
And yes, I admit the game itself is like a giant puzzle made of little puzzles which have no instructions and guides whatsoever. Yet, the game is meant to be so...
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