I'm 37 years old from minnesota.
I started back in 2001 with Rm2k and moved to 2k3, but never moved on after that.
I never really made much, but small mostly unfinished projects.

But I bought 2k3, VX Ace, and MV on Steam so we'll see if I get back into it.

I play the ocarina and also do parkour and freerunning.

I've also been into creating electronic music with Ableton Live. I've taken a few classes at a local music school and have been having a lot of fun with it.

I also like to compete on American Ninja Warrior when they let me.
2 Player Block Puzzle
A co-op 2 player block pushing puzzle game!


Hey everyone! Turbo here.

Hey everyone! I'm Turbo852.

I first played around with RPG Maker 2000 back in 2001 and moved on to 2003 after that. But, I never really got into XP or further.

I also played around with Sim RPG Maker 95. I actually really liked it, but I got stuck because I was trying to make branching storylines and that was really hard.

I just bought RPG Maker 2003 on Steam because I figured after so many years (with lots of years of break in between as well) of enjoyment, I should probably get the official thing.

I've never really actually submitted much or completed many games. I usually get sidetracked by tangents and never get to the main story. I made only one completed game for RPG Maker 2000, which I did in just one week. It even had voice acting, but it was terrible. Other than that, I did submit a contribution to a single map collaboration contest back at RRR. That was fun. I heard about the Golden Week contest for 2003 so I decided to join here and participate!

Back in the day, I was a member of the now defunct sites, RPGi, RRR, and one more site which I completely forgot the name of. I still keep in contact with some old RPGi people, but that remnant really stopped being about RM a long time ago.

I play the ocarina and recently the shakuhachi, and play around with creating midis. I've also dabbled in Ableton Live to create mp3s and such. I still feel like I have a long way to go though. I have some ocarina videos on my Youtube channel here: Turbo852's Youtube Channel

I'm 29 and from Minnesota, USA.

I'm also into parkour and freerunning and competing or trying out for American Ninja Warrior.

I'm pretty busy usually so we'll see how active of a member I'll be. But if I keep using Rm2k3, I hope to be sort of active here if I can.
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