Pokémon S.T.A.R. Heroes & Adventures

I just played the little cup and it was no fun at all.
First of all an attack does about 5 damage but it seems every pokemon has about 1000 HP ... Why?

I also don't like the stun effect after every hit you get.

And the stamina system is also something which makes the game slow. After you did an attack you just can run around and wait for your stamina.
Maybe you'll make some attacks like tackle usable without stamina so you can fight on during waiting for your special skills.

I like the idea of this game and ofcourse I also like Pokemon. But in my opinion at the current state of the game there ist to less action or rather there are some points which makes the battlesystem slow.

I apologize for my bad english and I'm looking forward to the next version.
This game has a great potential afterall.

Lorelai, Queen

The end of this Demo was great. A neck breaking princess, awesome!
I'm looking forward to more and I hope the fights will be more challenging after the prologue.

In Search of Clues

I like ur other games and so I wanted to play this game too.
BUT I get an "Unable to find VL Gothik font" error.

I hope u'll fix it soon.

Keep it up ;)

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